Happy New Year to all, doesn’t this 2020 sound good to you too? We had several things planned, but 2019 did not even allow us to take a trip out of town and so we had more time to put ideas in order. We have been telling you for some time, especially for those who follow us on instagram, that in 2020 there would have been some news. Well, let’s say that the time has come to reveal what these news are.

Good intentions and news on the blog

We are not used to making budgets, for this reason we did not want to start wondering if 2019 was a year to be saved or thrown away. We are used to appreciating any year, even when it doesn’t have only beautiful things in store for us. Every day we live, every moment would be preserved, the beautiful ones can make us happy for a long time and the ugly ones make us stronger than before helping us not to make mistakes.

We worked hard in 2019, we created several sections in this blog to be able to facilitate navigation, we also created a new blog (Twotrolley), to be able to give you the opportunity to travel with us and help you in the itineraries you have chosen.

The Thesprintsisters blog grows, it turns 4 in February, and so we thought to make it even more useful than it could be at the moment. Let’s find out what are the news:

  1. The SMALL STYLE TIPS section is born, with the hope of being able to help all those girls who ask us for advice on how to dress without having to spend a fortune. For those who know us by now, they will know that we like to dress well, but without running out of wages every time. We are not rich daughters of dads and not even the influencers who live doing only this, honesty for us comes first. We dress brands such as Zara, Mango, Asos and so on, but we don’t have to dress badly for this. Indeed, to be honest, you often find more beautiful things in these stores than in the luxury ones.
  2. Small make up tutorials. We know that we women love to wear makeup, so we thought first of all and with the help of our collaborators to make short tutorials to make you look even more beautiful. We all know that a trick of make up, gives safety and makes us smile more when we look in the mirror. Never forget that lipstick on a woman has the power to change mood.
  3. Weddings Category:
    • Real wedding, we have always been passionate about weddings, now that Blery has organized his own, even more. We like emotions, we love to see photos and tell with the words of the couple. If you want to tell us about your best day we are more than happy to be able to host it on our blog. Obviously Blery’s will be told as soon as the photographer delivers photos and videos.
    • Bachelorette / bachelor party, usually one of the funniest days before the big day. If you have just lived your own or are organizing that of a friend or friend, tell us about it and it will become a beautiful article. If you have ideas and suggestions you could help others organize a memorable party.
    • Marriage proposal, the one that comes when you least expect it, or at least it should be. If you have received a marriage proposal and you want to tell your emotions, we are really happy to put it on black and tell it for you.
    • Supplier review, we particularly like this part. We love to do research, to discover places and people who have something special to offer to the spouses, but also to review in the truest way possible those we have already tested. Here too, Blery is still waiting for the photo and video material to be able to review as each supplier deserves. Maybe his reviews will help future Tuscan and non-Tuscan brides.
  4. We are bloggers and as such we test various topics, tools, ideas every day to be able to work at our best. So we thought to create the BLOGGING section, helping with our advice the other bloggers to do better and better. We are sure that union can make strength, so we like to share.

These for the moment are our good intentions and news of the blog for 2020. We really hope that the new sections starting from small style tips, to make-up tutorials, weddings and blogging, are all designed and conceived for you.

The good intentions are not always successful, the news when it comes to the blog scare, but we will do our best. Are you ready to write a beautiful 2020 with us?

novità sul blog 2020

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