This year many of our certainties have collapsed, the pandemic has limited us in many ways, but it has given us more time to understand who we are without necessarily seeking “perfection”.

Over the years it is repeated over and over: “Perfection does not exist”! But how many young people come together and accept each other for what they are? Society helps us to accept ourselves or puts us in constant comparison with unattainable models, as they are not real.

We are in the midst of a revolution and epochal change, in which the ideal of beauty no longer has a precise shape or color, but gives way to the concept of uniqueness and diversity.

Even fashion today celebrates individuality in a decisive way, certainly there is still a long way to go to defeat some concepts and preconceptions, but there is no turning back.

About the idea of enhancing individuality in the best possible way; the best hair stylists launched their ideas by enhancing the diversity of the models.

The main idea that must go through the trends on hair and beyond, in this 2021 is: there is no longer a single trend that prevails over the others, but today everything is valid!

Whether yours is smooth, curly, wavy, brunette, blonde, red or blue-haired, you must always be yourself.

Cuts and colors 2021: blur wins in every shape and color!

Whether you are a teenager or a woman who knows what she wants, hair stylists have launched their techniques to improve your self-esteem.

Haircuts in vogue for 2021:

  • Short cut at the chin (French bob or chin cut): cut in great demand both by the very young and not, because it gives freshness and character to the face.
  • ’80s scaled: whether they are medium or long, the cut that will best enhance the hair will be the’ 80s scaled, with soft shapes but of gradual length on the back.
  • Multi-level climbing: technique to gradually climb around the face, thus creating individual personality and style.

As for the fold in 2021 there is no doubt: the blur wins and dictates the trend on the other folds.

If you are lucky enough to have a wavy base you just have to dry them with a hairdryer and the right products for your hair.

The concept that the catwalks gave us is to use the plate less and to reduce the effect of smooth, flat and without movement.

In the age of our grandmothers, the hedgehog was the only perfect fold shape to which they aspired, they always fashionable with the help of curlers of all kinds.

We can say without any doubt that the very young are re-evaluating the natural folds with home remedies (or grandmother’s remedies), which damage as little as possible and which respect the hair by giving dreamy hair.

Now you may be wondering: but what color should we focus on to enhance the techniques highlighted above and have hair that reflects the 2021 trends?

As to forget the color, we women love to change shades on average every 3 months … color yes, but aiming for very natural and bright tones.

The basic concept is to look as natural as possible, highlighting the hair we have (no extension please). To do all this you need to resort to hair masks, they give brightness and more body.

As for pastel colors, pink remains the most popular.

What do you think of these news?

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