Hello girls, how many of you have synchronized Saturday on the wedding of the year? You just the one between Herry and Meghan, both beautiful, he in his uniform and she in his white gown with simple line, long trawling and fairytale veil. And the ladies invited to the wedding all wore super decorative hair, some very nice others exaggeratedly exaggerated, just as we said on our Instagram post. For those who follow us will have seen that these days we have published stories and photos where we wear beautiful headbands, designed and designed for us Cakeoveraccessories.

To the real hats… to us the headbands!

Who is Cakeoveraccessories, let together!

To this question, as well as the others we wanted to do to know them better, know their profession, their Handmade products answers Lisa the owner. Lisa Graphic Designer leaves nothing to chance always looks for perfection in every little detail. Headbands as well as unique pieces handmade, we really like everything that is handmade because as we explain Lisa later has no equal, the handmade gives emotions for those who create and never a piece equal to another for those who wear them. We like to give space in our blog to Italian artisans, it is they who have made Italian fashion what it is now.

We wanted to ask some small question, a kind of mini-interview to learn more about this brand that has a bit of sweet as the icing on the cake and they send it on the creations we wear.

How did the passion for the circles and why them in particular?

I always love hair accessories.

I was very young with long hair and naturally smooth… much, too, smooth, I then wanted in the accessory a diversion that could give volume rather than a note of color, a unique detail, almost a diversion to the long hair brown. Hats, scarves, clasps, fashinator, turbans, headbands and of course the circles, my favorites! The headband in particular is an extremely practical accessory, which allows with a very fast gesture to characterize the face, the hairstyle and the whole outfit in a unique way!

When did you realize that this passion could become a profession?

This intuition came when the creations began to taste, to be noticed and asked. Personalization has been our strong point and at the same time the uniqueness of the models and the uniqueness of the fabrics, have created real unique pieces that have given value to the collections.


What would you say to all those who want to follow the road of handmade?

It is a beautiful path of life! The immense satisfaction in creating something that comes from one’s own hands is unparalleled. The “Behind the scenes” is not the simplest, but to see it then enjoyed, worn, loved by other people, pays more than anything! I think that each of us should have the opportunity to try and experience their own path, chasing our own dreams, as long as creativity and originality always remain the best companions of our journey. Being creative, in any activity, gives a sense of absolute freedom to which no one should ever give up!

Now that we understand what they are doing and who I am Lisa and her mom Loretta who handed her this passion, we want to understand how and when to wear these headbands. Just as Lisa says, even as a child, we used a lot of circles, so our long straight hair one and curly of the other did not bother during the day. We also liked the bands, but since they are not firm and tend to slip often for convenience to them we had to give up. Then we met the accessories that create the Cakeoveraccessories and here is the perfect accessory, a single product that combines headband and circle, giving stability to the fabric that does not slip and decorate. The materials are wanted, nothing is left to chance, these circles become a fundamental part for the success of an outfit. You can wear them on any occasion, from the walk in the city to the aperitif with the friends, in a more easy version to the sea and why not also for dinners and important occasions. Just on occasions like ceremonies that you always need a different accessory from the usual and here is that our headband is master. A novelty in the house Cakeoveraccessories for the 2018 is just the ceremony line if you still don’t follow them on Instagram or on their Etsy shop so you don’t miss the news.

We really like them, well-made objects with love and passion, to wear lightly just as they are. We wait for your comments to know what you think.

Cakeoveraccessories, the icing on the torta…il headband on your head.

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