This weekend was full of endless laps in my beloved Milan. Yes, I love taking a free step in this magical and engaging city, which generously gives ideas to draw inspiration from. It will be the street looks that are noticed among passers-by of different nationalities to inspire, because Milan, you know, is a multi-ethnic city and for many its streets are a catwalk of style.

We are in November, the month of warm and casual looks, perhaps with some bob ton accessories. For this winter 2019 you can not miss sweaters with high collar, colored and oversize. Just choose the right clothes for a perfect outfit. Few things but good, so the winning look for this fall can be a sweater with a high collar, a pair of high-waisted jeans and a pair of boots. If you want to give a more refined touch to your casual look, you can choose to wear a mega bob ton coat with a nice bright color. Catwalk look, show !!! 🙂

Only one boss makes the difference: the hat!

I personally always decide to make casual and basic looks for the weekend, because during the day I always run through a thousand commitments. The difference compared to the weekly looks, (the classic working ones) lies in deciding to dare a little, perhaps highlighting more an accessory.

For this reason, I decided to wear a pair of striped high-waisted trousers, a pearl-gray jersey with a generous slit in the upper back. Being me a chilly, not to leave the back bare, I decided to wear a refined and sparkling tank top, to give a touch of style to my outfit.

But the head that made my look more unique was the gray hat. Beautiful, sober, elegant, embellished by the cinnamon belt that gives them a bon ton style, but not too much! I love combing the hat this season. The right season to wear them both with outerwear and without.

This is a season that we can still play with matches because the real cold has not yet shown its face.

What do you think of this look? On instagram @thespritsistersyou will find other photos of the look.

Kisses girls!



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