When it comes to summer and of trends in the fashion world, it’s really impossible to create an exhaustive list of all of the trends that will be featured in the coming months. Of course, the common denominator is one and one only: a comfortable, lightweight and a style suitable for even the most elegant events, as well as the excursions in the afternoon. And the high-waisted pants are ideal because they meet each of these requirements, without forgetting that there are many types to wear to suit personal taste. Curious to discover the best models? Before we begin our review, to see what are the coolest and most models that could do for you, you can take a virtual tour online fashion stores: for example, in women’s pants by yoox.com include a myriad of different models.



  1. The striped high waisted trousers


The first trend we’ll see about the striped high waisted trousers. We’re talking about a garment that fits any season because available in stiff fabrics, both in soft and light, ideal for summer fabrics, such as silk. But what sets them apart from others is the presence of lines and vertical stripes: a characteristic that makes them aesthetically very beautiful and able to break any outfit, although worn a simple t-shirt, or with a matching shirt. As for shoes, striped trousers can be combined with both heels to sneakers.


  1. The high-waisted pants palazzo


The high-waisted pants in summer In the Palace probably represent the trend now, especially since they are baggy and enable you to stay comfortable without sacrificing elegance. Being then thought to conceal the knee, these pants are able to enhance any type of physique and silhouette. And can be combined with sweaters, shirts and t-shirts. The colors? Beige is suitable for elegant evenings, while floral textures are ideal for more casual style.



  1. 3. High-waisted cropped pants


The latest trend with regard to high-waisted pants that will go this summer: trousers cropped, or those that have a reduced length, as if they had been cut at the height of the calf. It is one of the most chic trend, as are elegant but also very comfortable to wear, even when temperatures are merciless. However, it should be said that the pants cropped are not for all, as they tend to shorten the silhouette: but doing the right combinations, you can solve any problem.

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