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Today I would like to tell you about a recent parade that has made so much of himself for a month now. This is the collection’s fashion show spring summer 2017 H&M Studio. This new collection, has been produced with the recycling of plastic recovered from the oceans. H&M always embraces beautiful collaborations with top designers, to make low cost the mast have to big brands.

H&M- Conscious: Exclusive Pink Dress!

The swimsuit season approaches: I begin by me!

I got to watch the entire collection, I was fascinated by the way they worked and marine plastics recycled in order to create beautiful and elegant respecting nature. It is a fantastic collection projected towards the future, with leaders in sustainable materials to wear on different occasions.

The entire collection, I fell in love with a particular dress that exudes romance and elegance at first glance. This dress was made from a recycled polyester pleated pink blush and made a fairy tale.

In my opinion, is an outfit that could become the new must-have (low cost), both for its floating and dreamy realization both for the beauty and ease of fabrication.

Pink dress: just one look to fall madly in love.

For me it was, and that’s why I decided to share with you the excitement of the day that I wore for the first time this wonderful dress. I felt like a colorful Butterfly flying joyous to infinity and beyond.

The style of this wonderful “pink dress” was created for all those women who want a soft dress, elegant and lightweight, yet accurate in every detail.

In Milan you will have seen definitely exposed in the Windows of all stores H&M, and today I show worn by me.

You have got to follow the collection H & M-Conscious?

What do you think of this project of recycling of plastic recovered from the oceans?



                              – H&M – Conscious: Exclusive Pink Dress!-

Iljana Ibrahimi - Conscious H&M

Pink dress!


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I love this dress! It’s amazing. Very romantic and feminine <3
A l i n a // alinacorona.de


Thank you darling!


Love the ruffles on the dress!!

– Avalon from simplyavalon.blogspot.com


We too darling! Kisses

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