Summer is coming and the thought of many, including ours, is already aimed at summer holidays. Summer vacation in Tenerife, we suggest you the island of eternal spring.

Often the organization of a trip can be stressful. This problem usually arises if you travel together and try to please everyone. If you still do not have clear ideas or have not yet booked your trip, you are in the right blog and this article is for you.

The goal that we want to advise you and talk to you today, is suitable for any type of trip: as a couple, as a family or with a group of friends.

The location in question is Tenerife. Discovering the summer holidays in Tenerife!

For those not familiar, Tenerife is an island nestled in the Atlantic Ocean and is the largest of the Canary Islands.

Geographically it belongs to Spain, although very close to the West coast of Africa (a position that guarantees a mild climate in winter and warm in summer).

There is not a specific month to visit it, remember that the one in question is “The island of eternal spring”. We can, however, recommend the month of September, in which the flow of summer tourists decreases, and you can find discounts especially on the cost of flights and hotels in Tenerife.

This of course if you don’t have a vacation just in August, like us!

Bandiera di tenerife

This is the flag of Tenerife, very simple, but it represents it perfectly: the blue stands for the color of the Ocean (which at least once in life must be seen) and white indicates the snow that covers “El Teide” during the winter.

What is “El Teide”?

It is first and foremost the highest peak in the whole of Spain. After this due specification, we can say that it is a fascinating dormant volcano positioned in the center of the island (it is the third volcano in the world for altitude from its base).

You can easily reach it by car or by an organized excursion, if nightly, even more impressive. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions of the island, which with the right equipment (jacket, scarf and sneakers more than comfortable), will allow you to enjoy lunar landscapes and breathtaking views.

Vulcano El Teide vacanze estive a tenerife


Returning to the booking, for those wishing to spend a holiday full of fun, or simply in a central location, we recommend staying in the South of the island. The two best areas are not very far from each other: “Los Cristianos” and “Las Americas”. They are both characterized by palm trees that touch the sky, white sand beaches and all kinds of clubs open all night (karaoke clubs, discos, pubs, pizzerias and so on and so forth).

In the South you will find two beaches that will particularly leave you breathless, “Playa el Duque” and “Playa Abama” perfect for your summer vacation in Tenerife.

The first one has the peculiarity of having a path that will allow you to take wonderful photos from above and also here you can rent straw umbrellas and beds with built-in mattresses: a dream.

vacanze estive a tenerife

“Playa Abama” is instead located in a luxury resort, surrounded by greenery with a truly relaxing terrace bar.

vacanze estive a tenerife

summer holidays in tenerifesummer holidays in tenerife















Do not dwell, however, only on the Caribbean effect of the South, the North has so much to give.

The latter is populated by the true inhabitants of Tenerife, it is much less chaotic than the south and is full of ‘Guachinches‘ (typical home-cooking places with wooden tables, paper tablecloths and freshly harvested wine). It is highly recommended for those who love to immerse themselves in the traditions and flavors of others.

cucina casalinga a Tenerife

In the North, moreover, you will find the most famous beach on the island: ‘Las Teresitas’, located specifically in Santa Cruz. It is characterized by red sand mixed with white sand imported from the Sahara which makes it more exotic and scenographic.

It is a beach with all the necessary services and is recommended to families with children. Thanks to a dam built to protect the sand the water remains calm.

vacanze estive a Tenerife


Tenerife is a destination that as a whole presents many activities:

  • Surfing with equipped beaches,
  • boat trips where dolphins and whales can be seen in their natural habitat,
  • the most famous parks in the world.

‘Loro Park’ (a zoo with live shows) and ‘Monkey Park’ (where you can get in close contact with monkeys of all kinds).

The sense of civilization that characterizes this island is also fascinating. Law enforcement officers ensure that there are no thefts or any other type of delinquency. Furthermore, the traffic is always well managed thanks to the absence of intersections and the presence of roundabouts; while you are there the sound of the horn is just a distant memory.

For convenience and to get around the whole island without losing any attraction, it is strongly recommended to rent a car: the rental could cost you around 90 euros for a week; to say that it is worth it is an understatement.

Let us know if you will choose it as a destination for your summer vacation and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or curiosity. Follow our stories on instagram to stay up to date.


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