Now the heat has exploded even in that of Milan, the summer breathes in the air, the flowers smell and the birds keep us company with their song. It is precisely at this time of year, punctually every year, between work commitments that have no end and fatigue, that a fixed thought takes shape in my mind. Where to go on vacation? The answer is really much simpler than one could imagine, holidays in Sardinia.

Crystal clear sea between dream and reality!

Among the many destinations I would like to visit, Sardinia remains one of the most beautiful places, one of the islands at the top of the list for its crystal clear sea. We often make the mistake of looking at distant destinations, thinking of exotic beaches without keeping in mind that in Italy we have beautiful beaches.

I will also show you! Try to write the word Sardinia on Google and you will see that it will open up a multitude of images, beautiful beaches, blue sea, breathtaking nature. I really couldn’t resist, so after a long day at work, a hot bath and a healthy dinner, I started looking for the right place to visit for a little healthy relaxation.

My destination: holidays in Sardinia!

We know that the first thing to look at when booking a holiday, in addition to the place chosen, is transport. Let’s go to Sardinia, but how do we go there?

We entered online ferry bookings for Sardinia on Google and found what it did for us. We want to move and see as many places as possible, the car is essential and the ferry seemed the best solution.

My boyfriend would say: the right vehicle for my bags, but this is a sore point. Do you also want to bring almost all the closet?

Site easy to use and quick to find the best solution. Different solutions, all designed to make the journey comfortable according to our needs.

Terra Sarda, the two of us!

Arrived in Sardinia I could not resist and I turned into a chino that takes pictures right and left. I couldn’t help but show you some shots of my mini-vacation in the name of discovering beautiful places, total relaxation and so much porceddu! 😉

holidays in SardiniaHolidays in SardiniaVacanze in sardegna

Sardinia is all beautiful and visiting it on a single holiday is impossible. A few years ago I was also in Stintino and La Pelosa is one of the most beautiful beaches. Let’s say that the only drawback would be too many people, but in August the situation is the same. In front of La Pelosa beach is the island of Asinara which is definitely worth a visit. If you are looking for a restaurant with a view and a little bit romantic, then Capo Falcone is for you. The two photos below were taken in one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. obviously personal opinion, but Porto Pino holds the record. Miles and miles of white sandy beaches stretch beneath our feet. The crystal clear and shallow water allows you to take long walks, enjoy the beauty of the place and the feeling of peace that you breathe.

Vacanze in Sardegna
Vacanze in Sardegnaholidays in Sardinia

On vacation I do not miss anything and I’m not careful what I eat and / or drink, on the other hand I’m on vacation and I take everything he has to offer me.

I discovered I was a lover of spit-roasted porceddu (suckling pig) and seadas (a typical Sardinian sweet) with honey. Not to mention the malloreddus (type of pasta), culurgiones (ravioli with a fragrant potato filling, pecorino and mint characterized by the classic spike closure) and fregola (consisting of small balls of hard wheat and water, hand-worked and toasted) in the oven), really special, often called also Italian cous cous.

Vacanze in Sardegna

If you see me fattened now I have revealed why :-). And to think that this is the beginning of my weekends and mini-vacations before the official ones in August, if I go on like this other than diet, I will have to stay fasting to run for cover.

Have you already decided what will be the destination of your holidays and / or mini-vacations? Not yet?! So here I leave you a source full of ideas, to inspire you and the most beautiful places to visit on the island. Let me know what you’ve chosen, holidays in Sardinia or not?

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