Also this year I will make vacations in Sardinia 2019, but because of so much work to do I have to go to the beach after August. If in the meantime I had to find a last-minute maybe a little thought I’ll do it. Sardinia is waiting for me, but in the meantime, most of the city streets are emptying and also means of transport. mind you, for us commuters in Milan this is absolutely good, more living space on the metro, we can find parking and breathe.

Holidays in the city until the fateful date on which I will have to fly and fly on the tropical beaches of Sardinia. Promised, that on my return from those holidays I will make an article for the Travel section of our blog, maybe someone who reads it could help. I will show you not only the beaches where I will go, but also the restaurants, because as you know we are also lovers of good food and good food.

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But if you don’t go on vacation … then what do you do? Holidays in Sardinia 2019!

No problem, even the city offers different ideas on how to spend these hot days without going to the beach. I, for example, when I don’t work and I want to relax and escape a little bit to the heat of this season, I shun between walks in the parks or on the canals. The dock offers different possibilities on how to spend a carefree day. For us, the Milanese is a fixed stop for aperitifs, walks, dinners on the canal or simply a small boat cruise on the dock.

This weekend I did just that, wanting to take a walk, I dressed in my summer mood, now I love white in the summer … with a tan is just fine with my hive bag ๐Ÿ™‚ and I have spent a beautiful day relaxing on the banks of the canal.

In the summer I always prefer places where it is possible to find the sea or the like, to hear the sound of the water relaxes me a lot. But also the vegetation so as not to suffer the heat exaggeratedly. The outfit then must be rigorously comfortable, with light colors, light and trendy that never tastes. In fact in these photos I propose you a white dress with ruffle sleeves and pearl decoration, bought by Zara, colored earrings to give an extra touch to this light colored outfit, flat jewel sandals with starfish and my beloved basket handbag.

What do you think? How do you spend the hot summer days when you’re in the city? Let me know … I’m curious to read you.

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