Are you a Dark lady and do not want to abandon your look on the doorstep of spring?

If the answer is YES you really have the so-called “DARK SOUL” or dark soul!

To keep up with fashion between spring and summer, sometimes it would mean eliminating almost all the cold colors, black, blue, dark purple and so on … and find yourself in a hell full of people wearing colorful clothes, light, warm tones and lots of flower prints!

Given that we love every kind of colored print, and we are absolutely for spring colors, but many girls have asked us how to do it if they don’t like colors. Here is what we, with the help of one of our collaborators, found for you!

A true Dark lady is not frightened by the new changes; on the contrary, she continues to be more and more original, remaining faithful to her style. The Dark or Gothic style makes a woman a rebellious soul, through her shades of black makes the whole thing even more ” mysterious “. We have different types of Dark-Gothic clothing: to be used based on the event or evening we are planning.

If we attend an elegant party, black is what we need!

An example is the clothes shown below. The first is a long dress, a bodice shaped and close to the waist, accompanied by a transparent lace shawl decorated with equally black flowers. With this you can very well combine a choker (or necklace with a round neck) and a pointed toe shoe with a stiletto heel, for the make-up it’s good to highlight your eyes using colors like dark purple, burgundy or burgundy and apply only on the lips a lipgloss to polish them.

The second dress is very similar to the first one, only the back that has a neckline on the back, the long cardigan in transparent lace completes and enriches the outfit. To break and give the dress a more Gothic touch, you could wear, as in the picture, a pair of high-heeled shoes so as to enhance the Morticia that is in us!

vestire di nero
dark lady

Let’s put aside elegance, and discover how a real Dark Lady dresses up every day. A so-called total black uniform is just the ideal, that is to say: a black V-neck sweater with lace at the top, a black jeans and the beloved amphibians that complete our outfit with the help of a nail.

chiodo in pelledark lady

It is good to add as in the picture shown a belt to not be totally tone on tone, especially in the underlying part and thus also decorate the pants as in this case, finish with necklaces and rings to taste.

Make up suited to your style of course! A black and brown smokey eyes, volumizing mascara for eyelashes and lips accentuated on purple or burgundy, as in the picture below:

smokey eyes

A true dark lady fits in with her style even in spring:

total black

These are some tips to stay true to your style even when you highlight other colors. Black is the new black!

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