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today we want to talk to you about a subject that is very close to our heart, that is, a smile. Yes … because there is nothing more beautiful for a woman, but also for a man, a smile, a beautiful and healthy smile. We all know smiling that does well and not just in the mood, makes you happy, stimulates the facial and abdominal muscles, and improves the appearance of all of us.

How to have a beautiful and healthy smile: Briantea Odontostomatologica Clinic!

How to have a dazzling smile!

Precisely for this reason that when it comes to smile and teeth you must always rely on experts and the best if possible. We who live in Milan in this we are lucky because it is precisely in Albiate in the province of Monza and Brianza there is the Briantea Odontostomatologica clinic that offers services of 360 ° giving a smile even to those who believed they had lost it forever.

How to have a smile with your teeth and not just your eyes!

The clinic bases its activity mainly on dentistry and implant and maxillofacial surgery, but does not stop there. Thanks to the collaboration of renowned doctors such as the orthopedist Dr. Stefano de Simone of the Zucchi Clinic in Monza and the neurosurgeon Dr. Edvin Zekaj does much more. The clinic began as a polyclinic center, with the possibility of specialist medical visits carried out by doctors with a certain experience known and appreciated for their preparation and professionalism.
In addition to two routines for routine treatments, there is also an operating room where all the devices needed to deal with the surgical procedures are installed, protecting the patient’s health as much as possible.
Knowing that we have high-level clinics at our fingertips reassures us and gives us the strength to deal with this type of interventions in order to have the smile that we so desire or that for various problems may be missing.

Being a super specialized clinic is not limited only to the dental part, but also offers services of Medicine and cosmetic surgery thanks to Dr. Matteo Marino, specialist in plastic surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic. Maybe everyone sooner or later looking at the mirror, it happens to think: “but if I changed and improved my physical appearance”, improve is fine, but without upsetting in our opinion, exactly as we said a few days ago on our Instagram profile, the important it is always recognizing oneself.

The main focus of the cosmetic surgery offered by the clinic are facial treatments, body treatments, breast treatments, peeling, filler, botulinum. Everyone has the right to feel good in their body, but we must always be careful who to turn for such important interventions, so we must always choose the best.
Have you girls ever been in this clinic? What do you think of the services offered? To browse and find out more about their seriousness and professionalism we leave you the link of their site (
Let us know what your ideas are about it.
Kisses and always remember to smile, that the smile makes us beautiful.



How to have a nice smile come avere un sorriso

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