As a child, when I imagined my wedding, I thought of choosing a pompous wedding dress. I wanted something princess-like, it must have been Cinderella’s influence. Cinderella who with the passage of time has broken the dreams of many little girls, as children we all think of finding the Prince Charming, when we grow up we realize that life is not really a fairy tale. I am still in the phase of living happily ever after, so I really can’t complain from this point of view. When I received the marriage proposal, I was excited, I think like everyone else, even though I got married 6 years later.


The nice thing about the wedding day is the organization. In order to talk to you about the choice of my suppliers, I am still waiting for the photo and video material. It is now exactly June since I got married, but for various family reasons that I am not explaining to you (not to sadden you) I had to cancel the honeymoon and postpone everything in time.

One of the best moments is the choice of the wedding dress.

Choose the wedding dress, alone or in company?

For those who know us, I know that I would never have been able to choose the wedding dress by myself, without Ily by my side. She was also my witness and that day really seemed to have come out of fairy tales.

I had leafed through several sector magazines and visited as many sites but still had confused ideas. I didn’t know exactly what the right wedding dress should be like for me, I only knew what it shouldn’t be. The dreams of a little girl had changed, thank goodness I would say, because the meringue dresses that I tried did not provoke any reaction in me. It will be that they fill our heads with ideas, I expected to have to be moved but it did not happen. I was excited, yes, but no tears, only smiles.

Don’t let anyone decide for you

Choosing the wedding dress for your wedding is strictly personal. I have been to several ateliers, maybe I will tell you my experience in more detail, but here and now I want to tell you not to be discouraged by anyone and not allow anyone to choose for you. The first atelier I visited was in the province of Bergamo, I wanted mom, sister and mother-in-law with me. That day I tried many clothes, without exaggerating a 50 ina, we were there within 4 hours, but I could not find the right dress for me. The saleswoman who was taking care of my appointment came to tell me that if I did not choose my wedding dress there, having so many models, I would not have been able to find it anywhere. She allowed herself to tell me that I was negative and not that the clothes were not beautiful.

I never said that the clothes he made me try on were not beautiful, simply there wasn’t my dress.

My mom and mother-in-law had fallen in love with the dress you see in the photo below, but I felt nothing with that dress on me. I wanted to look like a bride, but I also wanted to be elegant, sensual, refined. I don’t know how to explain it, but I left that day with even more desire to find the perfect dress, the right one for my body. I didn’t care that it was signed but that it was perfect for me.

abito da sposa giusto per me
l’abito da sposa

Thanks to instagram my choice

Always fixed with Pronovias wedding dresses, but when I tried them, they expired a little, the same happened with some Nicole Brides. I wanted a beautiful dress, but also precious in materials. If there is one thing to look at in wedding dresses it is the quality of the fabric and the materials. I can assure you that you will notice if they are not well made. It can be seen from the seams, from the beads and so on.

Instagram came to my aid one evening sitting on the sofa. I was looking as usual, when at a certain point I see the profile of Millanova bride. I saw a series of clothes that reflected the characteristics that mine had to have, they seemed not only beautiful, but also precious, and I immediately thought that they could be out of budget. Honestly I didn’t want to spend a fortune, but I decided to show up at the trunk show that took place the next day in Milan at Rebecca the bride.

I phoned my sister and we both took the day off. That same afternoon I also had an appointment with Nicole Brides.

I only tried 3 Millanova dresses, they were the only ones under € 5000, the rest I didn’t even want to look at. My budget was no more than € 3,000, although I went too far. When I put on the dress I finally chose, I did nothing but smile, turn and turn to look at myself in the mirror. I felt beautiful, elegant, perfect in that dress. I imagined myself in my location and saw its movement. The dress was perfect, it was what I always wanted, perhaps without knowing it, but I didn’t choose it, not immediately.

abito da sposa

As I said, I still had an appointment with Nicole Brides, I didn’t want to take away the possibility of this brand to surprise me. The more I tried on other clothes, the more I thought about what I had left in doubt. No other wedding dress was able to overcome it and so as soon as I left the Nicole Spose atelier, I called to confirm and make an appointment again to try again my dress, the Rebecca model from the California Dream collection.

scegliere abito da sposa
come scegliere abito da sposa

The details maybe I’ll tell you in another article. How did you feel when choosing the wedding dress?

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