Lately we are getting more and more passionate about make-up. We are not only informing ourselves with various tutorials on the web, but we are following a real course. One of those courses that explains in detail what tools to use, how and why to use them.

Often when you put make-up on you don’t always pay attention to the brush, did you ever notice it? Do you know for example what is the difference between a brush in long synthetic bristles and one with shorter but denser bristles?

If the answer is no soon we will prepare videos on you tube or IGTV where we explain you, but also we show you the difference between the two. Believe us that spreading the foundation with one or with the other the result changes.

Make-up, make up brown eyes!

Today we wanted to offer you a make-up in case you have brown eyes like Ily. If you have intense and deep brown eyes, know that you are privileged, at least as regards the different types of makeup. Making up brown eyes, in fact, is not complicated because they easily match different colors and shades. In this trick, importance is given to the look, emphasizing above all the final part of the eye, giving volume to the lashes, with Deborah’s Extraordinary rimmel. The eyeshadow used is a pale pink by Collistar, let’s say the perfect color for the summer. Using a black pencil, one of those that leave a nice, firm mark, defines the look.

If you are as basic as Ily, you can opt for the use of very light products. In order to have a uniform base for a beautiful, strong make-up I used the Nude Magique Eau de Teint foundation from L’Oréal Paris. I find it a very good product, long lasting and cheap.

The lips are made up at the end, but they are not less important for this. For those who have lips like Ily, the advice is to always use creamy lipsticks that give a feeling of softness to the look :). Clinique Pop Rouge intense, is the lipstick used in this photo, really beautiful.

Are you used to using bright or bare tones?

truccare gli occhi marroni

truccare gli occhi marroni

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