Are you changing or renovating your house and you don’t know how to furnish it? If you want to know how to furnish a modern home without neglecting attention to the health of the environment, then you have several interesting solutions available. First of all, you must start from the assumption that creating an eco-sustainable home does not mean giving up on having a trendy and fashionable furniture. To do this you will have to choose furniture and accessories with great care, but above all the materials with which they were made. From paints to surface coatings, obviously going to prefer eco-sustainable solutions.

How to furnish a modern house: the choice of furniture

The first step in furnishing a modern home without spending a fortune and without neglecting environmental attention is to opt for products made in a conscious and sustainable way. This means preferring wooden furniture and, among them, choosing those with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. It is an international and independent certification, specific for the forestry sector and derived products. Certification ensures that FSC-labeled products come from forests and supply chains and are managed responsibly.

Come arredare casa in stile moderno

Other ways to furnish your home in an eco-sustainable way

To furnish a house in a modern way, you could also consider solutions made of stone or marble waste as an alternative to wood. Other alternative materials can be cardboard, bamboo, cork and straw. You could also start with old unused furniture from relatives and friends. In this way you can furnish your home at no cost. A few small restorations will be enough to give a new life to furniture that was left to gather dust in some cellar. Another solution to furnish the house in an environmentally sustainable way is to use recycled objects. It may seem incredible, but with the recovery you can give new life to unused objects and transform them at no cost into original furnishing accessories. In this sense, your only limit will be your imagination. To do all this you can use objects such as: old suitcases, old stairs, old buckets and old wooden barrels to furnish and decorate any environment. You will find yourself a home environment furnished in an original way.

How to furnish a modern house: choose the right colors

Knowing how to furnish a modern home also means choosing the colors to give to the walls. Never underestimate the chromatic aspect when it comes to furnishing a home environment: if you choose the right colors you will be able to give a new life to your home. In fact, you must know that by opting for the right color combinations you can also make up for a possible lack of furnishings and furniture.

How to make your home more spacious with the right colors

Not only that, if you live in a house with some structural gaps, for example you see a ceiling that is too low, you can really use the color combinations to remedy them in an economical and imaginative way. And when colors alone are not enough, you can help yourself by choosing the right accessories, perhaps creating shelves with waste materials or inserting mirrors to play with spaces. You could also consider covering the house with wallpaper, but choosing only natural components and plant fibers. If, on the other hand, you are someone who loves to paint the walls of your home yourself, remember to choose only water-based solutions so you will have the guarantee that they are free of toxic substances. Also for an extra touch of color, consider including houseplants in the furniture that can also help clean the air.

casa trendy ed ecosostenibile

The choice of lighting for your eco-friendly home

If you really want to understand how to furnish a modern home in an eco-sustainable way, you cannot ignore lighting. With this in mind, we recommend that you take a look at the advice of to choose LED bulbs, dimmable or not. LED lighting is much more environmentally friendly than traditional lighting, which is also why you should opt for this type of light bulb.

Why choose a led lamp?

In fact, you must know that LED lighting consumes much less energy than traditional lighting, this is because only a small part of the energy is converted into heat, while 95% of the energy is converted into light. With incandescent bulbs, on the other hand, the exact opposite happens, which is why you should, if you haven’t already done so, replace your old bulbs with modern LED bulbs. It does not end here, however, LED bulbs also have a much longer life than traditional lighting, which also translates into lower CO2 emissions. To make you understand the savings we are talking about, consider that an incandescent bulb could last up to 1000 hours against the 3500 of the halogen lamp and the over 50,000 of the LED lamp. Last but not least, know that LED bulbs do not contain mercury, a metal that is harmful to health. Furthermore, the LED bulbs are recyclable and do not emit harmful radiation such as UV rays.

In short, by following a few steps you too will be able to understand how to furnish a modern home with total respect for the environment and perhaps without weighing down your wallet, which doesn’t hurt.



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