The pandemic has forced us to deal with the spaces we have, the ones we have never taken into consideration, but which have always been part of our home. One of these is certainly the balcony of the house, that corner a little abandoned and never used enough.

The real estate market has recovered during 2020, it is also doing well in this first part of 2021. We have all suffered and continue to suffer from having to stay at home for a long time. This is one of the reasons that have increased the requests for independent houses and villas, always and strictly with a private garden.

Shall we abandon the apartment for the cottage?

Of course, we too agree with those who want to have a house all to themselves, but not everyone can afford a change of home, especially in a period of great indecision like the one we are experiencing until now. It would be nice to have a beautiful garden, where you can spend a lot of your day, even more now that the summer is coming, but what do we want to do with the old dear balcony? We live in two housing solutions where the garden is not provided, although it always remains a beautiful dream.

In the period of the first lockdown, probably also the most difficult as we were not well prepared, we too found ourselves analyzing the spaces of our house, trying to give new life to unused corners. We are among those people who make a lot of use of their balcony and terrace; to sunbathe for example, in this way we always anticipate the start of the tan, but often also for lunches and dinners.

How to decorate the balcony of your home for a romantic dinner.

arredare il balcone di casa
When we talk about furnishing a balcony, the space available immediately comes to mind. Often with the excuse of having a fairly small balcony we leave it as it is and sometimes we just abandon it. How about giving this beautiful place new life instead? Here is a beautiful decor idea for a romantic dinner. On Pinterest you can always find lots of ideas, today we bring you one of them.
 As you can see from this photo it really doesn't take anything; the right lights, the lanterns that make a lot of shabby chic style, table and two chairs and that's it. In this case, personally we would have also put two blankets in it, in the evening it could still be a bit chilly.
 If you want to create even more atmosphere, a small mushroom (the one that warms the room) would also be fine.
There are so many ways and styles to follow to decorate the balcony of your home. The balcony is a beautiful place, especially useful during the summer. What could be better if, after a long working day, you arrive home and find yourself in this peaceful corner. As you can see, also in this case it takes very little to create a relaxation corner. Plants are absolutely not to be underestimated, they create the illusion of being in a small garden, but with the advantage that you do not have to take care of the lawn. You just have to choose a good book and a glass of wine and enjoy your corner of paradise.
You don't always need a lot to be happy. When the spaces we have available are limited, we must look for the right solution to be able to make the most of them.
 What do you think of this space-saving coffee table? Doesn't it seem perfect for a breakfast in the company of the first rays of sunshine of the day? Also perfect for a tête-à-tête dinner, certainly the wine bottle should have its place in the bucket. In this case it would look perfectly good between the two chairs.
 There are several space-saving solutions, just a little bit of good will and imagination would be enough.
 This could be an example of bedroom balcony decor, imagine your partner sweetly waking you up with a nice, properly set breakfast.

We have seen several examples of how to furnish the balcony of the house. We can easily create both a neutral decor for the day and a more romantic one for the evening. It doesn’t take much to change the type, just some plants, flowers and lights to create the right atmosphere.

What do you think? How do you use the balcony of your home?

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