We are now in the height of summer and the temperatures do nothing but increase. All now we are wondering how to live with the African heat!

Thinking that years ago I was looking forward to the sunny days, the heat and the summer, the same thing I want now, but if I have to be honest this year I’m particularly suffering the heat … will I be getting old ?? 🙂

How to live with the earm African!

Seriously, the days at work become interminable, although the air conditioning is switched on from morning to night, the lunch break in Corso Buenos Aires has become almost unbearable, if once I passed it around shops … now I just have to do two steps under the sun to feel immediately exhausted. But then you will say how can we live together with all this heat? Are you also in my same situation, the one in which you hope that in the evening a small storm arrives to refresh and consequently open doors and windows to give that panache that also serves the walls of the house?

That said, Saturday I could not stay closed at home in front of the air conditioning and honestly I did not even want to go to shopping centers, so I decided to take advantage of the beauty that nature can give us … us in Lombardy we have so many: campaigns, rivers, lakes, mountains … we know only the sea is missing. A few kilometers from my house is this beautiful park of Trezzo sull’Adda, perfect for walks under the shade of trees and also for lunches and dinners in restaurants overlooking the river.

Said done … or rather thought done! I went for a walk surrounded by nature, with the singing of the birds that kept me company and the view that was enjoyed. I had lunch at the restaurant “Terrazza sull’Adda” and I relaxed thanks to the light breeze of the day. It is known that in the middle of nature, especially where there are trees, temperatures are slightly lower. Where do you usually go when you need to get away from this African heat?

For the occasion I chose a simple and super comfortable outfit as well as light. Zara polka dot jersey, reminds me so much of “Ape Maia” one of my favorite cartoons, H & M black sheath dress, Asos flat sandals with shell decoration. To complete the whole bag my bag always Zara and the Rayban to protect me from the sun. I love wearing women mini skirt.

Back home I had to focus on closing the suitcase, I do not tell you the look of my boyfriend who said it long, but in the end I did it, with this week I’m also officially on vacation. Of the holidays, however, I will talk about it on my return 🙂 You are already on vacation? Where beautiful?

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Salt kisses!



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