There are many who decide to start a blog to cultivate their passion and write articles on the main topics of their area of expertise.

Not everyone knows, however, that there is another type of very useful content and that anyone can use on their blog to attract the attention of their readers. In this article, we will talk about how to take advantage of infographics for your blog and how to create creative and really interesting marketing strategies on a graphic level!

Marketing infographics: the advantages of this tool

The use of infographics in marketing is increasingly widespread and absolutely right! A marketing infographic, in fact, will allow you to add value to the textual content of your blog. Enriching a blog with something simple and intuitive for the reader is very impactful.

In various blogs, especially those on marketing (both traditional and digital) you often see long and detailed articles. When this does not happen, it is still content often rich in technical terms and not always easy to understand at first glance. Here then, precisely in these cases, the use of a marketing infographic can definitely come to our aid.

But what, specifically, is an infographic?

Giving a correct and exhaustive definition of it is essential to be able to understand its real potential on a communicative level.

An infographic is nothing more than an element that contains, in itself, both textual and graphic parts and which, very often, make the main concepts developed within the text clearer.

To concretize the discourse, therefore, we could say that infographics basically have three purposes:

  • make it easier for the reader to understand the content
  • help him focus on the most important concepts
  • integrate the information entered in the textual part of the article

Let us now analyze these three aspects better, with concrete examples.

When and why to use infographics within an article:

Within an article, you can use marketing infographics to, for example, represent graphs that contain data which are then discussed in depth in the article itself. Again, you can make more infographics in which to insert the key concepts you talk about in your article. Each of them also accompanied by drawings and parts, in fact, graphics, which make the content much more interesting.

The use of a marketing infographic is really important for a blog. Obviously, with our article on the subject we do not mean that each of your “pieces” must contain at least one infographic. We don’t even want to tell you that only this type of content will make you successful. Nothing could be more wrong. You can have and create the best infographics in the world, but without good text, so a piece of copy that is curated, well written and impeccably structured, will not go anywhere!

Having said that, however, it is important to emphasize that, in some cases, the infographic can really be the added value that will make your article better than that of your competitors, simply because it will be, as we have already said several times, more captivating and complete.

Start a blog and use infographics as a bait

But it does not end here, because there is another great advantage that this type of content can give us, which is very useful if well studied: that of taking on the function of “bait”. We explain better.

Many of those who own a blog often have one or more social pages (Facebook, Instagram, etc …) connected to it. This is certainly an excellent thing, because it allows you to advertise the content published within the blog also on social platforms. In this way you can increase the traffic on the site hosting your articles and widen the user base that follows you. In the case of an article with an infographic, as well as inserting the latter within the text of the blog, you can also use it as a preview image. The advice is to show only one part to capture even more attention, so as to intrigue users who follow your social page and convince them to click on the post to read the article on your blog.

In fact, it is proven by numerous studies that the human eye is much more attracted to graphic content than textual ones, which means that using them sensibly and studied in detail will certainly allow you to obtain very satisfactory results.

When you decide to use a marketing infographic, therefore, think so as to create something really interesting and, above all, useful for the user, which makes him understand that you have covered a topic in an exhaustive manner and in detail and that, in addition to the infographic, you can find more information in your blog. The infographic included in the article will also help the user to break up the reading (especially in the case of very long texts), making it smoother, more enjoyable and less tiring.

aprire un blog e usare le infografiche

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