Relax and comfort are definitely a necessity in the home of each of us, which is why it is important to create spaces to relax, concentrate and why not cultivate your passions. Our house is composed of two floors, in the upper one you will find a mega room OpenSpace where we created our relaxation corner away from noise and stress.

Momentarily our openspace space is furnished by a mega Jacuzzi and a 60-inch screen where we relax after a day of hard work, but lacks the fundamental thing: the sofa full of padded cushions.

Each of us has the sofa of their dreams!

The sofa is for everyone the place to relax after a day of hard work. We lie down well surrounded by our magazines and some snacks. It is a furniture of great scenography and decorum. For us it is important that the relaxation corner represents us and for this reason we decided to take care in detail the style and graphics of the sofa that we are going to buy.

At one time it was not so important to choose the sofa, which has a long history behind it, starting from the model:

  • Marquise very much in vogue at the court of Louis XV, in fact it is a large armchair that houses two people and low sitting.
  • The Victorian-era Chesterfield sofa, a particularly large and comfortable sofa, one of the first to be completely padded and upholstered in quilted leather.
  • The Biedermeier style of Vienna, the watchword of this style is simplicity and refinement.
  • The ‘ 900 and the modern sofa, that of our days. The TWENTIETH century definitively marks the development of the sofa making it more modern with the use of new materials.

The important novelty is that the sofa is no longer constituted by inseparable blocks, but by elements that can be grouped and interchangeable. The sofa begins to enter all the houses as an integral part of the home furnishings.

We opted for this purchase because with the approaching of the beautiful season is the way to tasty aperitifs and Apericena in the company of friends and relatives, spending memorable evenings, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

The sofa is unique even to carve out a moment of solitude and healthy relaxation in the company of a good book and a cup of tea or a glass of wine!

The search started a few days ago and we came across the site Lionshome which offers a wide range of sofas to stay and not only, helps anyone who is looking to improve their lifestyle or change the décor of the House by finding it with a click.

Thanks to this site we found our favorite sofas! Which would you choose? Is this the sofa of your dreams?

sofa of your dreams

divano dei propri sogni



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