It is almost spring, nature awakens and colors explode. The rhythms change, the days get longer and the commitments seem to triple. We women feel the arrival of spring much more and this year we are moving ahead starting from a small but big change: make up!

That’s right, the sun takes away the grayness and our complexion is also illuminated by a new and warm light. What does our skin need to show its best in the first spring rays?

In addition to our beauty routine, the one that allows us to take care of our skin morning and evening, we also need more to protect our skin from UV rays. Another important component is undoubtedly the make up! It is in winter, because after applying the moisturizer, applying a layer of foundation, we protect our skin from the wind and dust, from smog and from all other atmospheric agents. The same is also true with the arrival of the warm season. Make-up helps to feel more beautiful, but at the same time also to protect our skin.

Ideal make up for spring 2020!

The ideal make up for spring 2020 is the “make up no make up”, but with the return of pink cheeks.

This is one of the most difficult tricks to make and is recommended mainly for those who have flawless skin.

So the make up no make up technique is to make a perfect make up base. The eyebrows are combed and left natural, another great return of 2020 is a thread of mascara and the transparent lip gloss returns with great surprise. Do you remember it? It was always worn, even over lipstick.

Non-make-up make-up is not the only novelty as regards this year’s make-up trends, for those who can afford it also returns:

  • black outlined eye combined with glitter
  • lovely smokey eyes
  • the fluorescent colors
  • warm and bright colors

In these first days of March I decided to do a decidedly colorful make-up, where the pink color on the lips and cheeks is the master.

To make this make up I relied on the new palette of Pixi Beauty by Petra

(you will find the official e-store from Sephora or online), which is made up of 12 shades starting from light pink up to warm brown. If you have seen ours instagram stories or feed, you will certainly have seen all the news at Pixi Beauty.

All colors have a glittery base, a single pass is enough and the color remains uniform. The pigmentation is well defined and immediately writes on the skin.

I focused this trick on warm tones, precisely spring, everything sees pink as the protagonist. On the eyelid I applied a light pink base, slightly glittered and then blending laterally with the brown that softens the look. I wanted something delicate, but intense at the same time so I decided to also apply the black pencil, just to define the look. Could the lip gloss be missing? of course not, so to complete this sweet doll make up I used the pink color.

What type of make-up are you for?

make up per la primavera
make up no make up
pixi beauty
make up per la primavera
make up per la primavera


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