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All of us know how important it is to take care of their hair, especially after returning from the holidays, where sun, salt and sand dry them and our hair is lost.

The same is true in winter, we have to do every day with wind, rain, smog and so on, all agents that cause malaise to our hair and scalp.

But how to protect our hair and avoid all this?

Imagea Elgon Green: Beauty Salon at Your Home!

Today we want to talk about an Italian brand, present in 90 countries around the world, offering hair care products and avant-garde coloring. The brand has always coveted its customers, but this year we have a novelty: the birth of the new ELGON GREEN division and the Imagea line, products made with vegetable derivative ingredients and environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly materials. The first line in Italy created according to Mother Science lines.

Trust, Quality, Sustainability, Ethics and Made in Italy distinguish these products and allow hairdressers to offer their customers only natural products, no misleading information, but only high quality products respecting the environment.

We have had the pleasure of testing some products of the two ABSOLUTE and ESSENTIAL lines.

The expert advice is to start the Imagea ritual with PHYTOGOMMAGE PRE-SHAMPOO made of Kalahari melon oil that has a nutritious function and Bio barley that protects the scalp. Apply directly onto the wet skin before shampoo, prepare the skin for subsequent treatments and remove toxins.

While we prepare our skin to receive the benefits of other treatments, while waiting we can apply TISSUE FACE MASK, designed to take care of our skin while we pamper our hair.

Applicare sulla pelle pulita e lasciare agire per 10/15 min, rimuovere e massaggiare il prodotto in eccesso, permettendo così la penetrazione dell’acido ialuronico.

The ESSENTIAL SHAMPOO with purple rice extract from Laos, the fresh gel and the aroma of essential orange oil give the hair shine and well-being, releasing their antioxidant and revitalizing function. Apply, massage and rinse as a regular shampoo.

To finish the treatment, we apply PHYTOELISIR with Kalahari melon oil. This rinsing conditioner turns into a dark emulsion giving the hair an exceptional luster. Shake before use, applied on wet and / or dry hair and proceed with styling.

Instead ABSOLUTE MASK, with Ande quinoa extract, is a post-color treatment, quinoa proteins and pomegranate extract exert an antioxidant and anti-fading effect by leaving the hair soft and shiny. Apply on the lengths, let it run for 10 min and rinse.

So what do you think about this treatment? It can be used both by the hairdresser to make us pamper and relax both at home. Imagea is a line created to meet the needs of customers pampering and pampering their hair.

For more information, curiosity and better knowing the brand here is the informative PDF.

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