Good morning beauties, how did you pass Easter? I am good with friends, but the life of bloggers has suffered due to the malfunction of my internet line.

I tell you what happened in those days. A blogger knows that the work must be planned and that the editorial deadlines must be respected. If the deadlines are not respected it can happen that:

1) the editorial plan is at stake, to which every blogger works months and months before publication

2)the customer may be upset about a deadline that is not respected and therefore the article that does not go online in the established times

3) you don’t look pretty, that’s why the title says internet and life as a blogger

One evening after work, I go home and after dinner, meet with creativity, go ahead with writing and the article would have been scheduled for the set deadline.

I turn on the PC and disaster, the internet was hiccuping and patience was running out, so I decided to cut it and look for the different companies that could offer a better service than my current one. Browsing in search of the right offer for me, I came across a brand I didn’t know: Eolo.

Eolo, a name that reminds me of the God of the wind and makes me think: if Eolo is the God of the wind this company will be pure speed. It turns on a light bulb and a little hope, maybe I finally found the right internet line for home. A blogger knows how to recognize the importance of a fast line and that she doesn’t play jokes. So I surf the EOLO website and find all the internet home rates and the different packages to surf without limits. I like the word without limits and so I go ahead to peek at the rest and find the offer best suited to me.

I know … I know … you may be wondering how much it costs, but I would say that I can’t make your life so easy 🙂 I have already found you a really cool internet line … the rest is done by you, that I, now that I have my line, I have some backlog to do 🙂

internet e vita da blogger internet and blogger's life


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