Weddings are one of the most beautiful festivals to which participate, the season that runs from May to September is the protagonist and we are invited and with doubt of what to wear.

It’s nice when you receive an invitation, maybe a friend who is getting married, who complained for years of not being able to find Prince charming. Then one morning, tells everyone that not only has found Prince charming, but it beats all the time and if you marry him within a year.

So, between happiness for her friend that Crown his dream of love and the thrill of being part of this important day, get into panic and “I have nothing to wear” is King.

Invited to a wedding: here’s what to wear!

Do not panic! Breathe and breathe!

Today we want to show you a website of short cocktail dresses at affordable prices. On this site you will find really lots of models, if before you had the problem of “I have nothing to wear” now the problem is I do not know what to choose.

Lace and flowers are the masters! We have chosen a floral dress, following one of the trends that goes for more this year, short front and long back. We were undecided between short and long, usually just love long dresses and didn’t want to give it up altogether, this explains why the choice of this dress.

Being that the marriage in question will be immersed in nature there looked the best and harmony for the occasion. High heeled shoes, Yes, but not too high and not too chunky, we love to enjoy every moment and not miss a single ball.

What do you think? You to how many weddings will participate this year?




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That dress is amazing.

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Thank you Izabela!

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