Hi girls,

today I would like to talk to you about a brand that you will surely have heard of: it is Zadig & Voltaire. The brand was born 20 years ago in Paris by the intuition of Thierry Gillier, enhances the cool style and why not, a little rock of contemporary girls.

           Ispirazione “Zadig”: “Girls Can Do Anything”

The last New York fashion show was really a success and you know why?

Because the brand parisienne Zadig & Voltaire, has defied prejudices, launching an entire collection on how women should feel free to be who they want and consequently get dressed.

For the occasion they launched the rock t-shirt (must-have from the collection) “Girls Can Do Anything”.

But let’s analyze together who the “Zadig” woman is:

First of all it is contemporary, free from prejudices and consequently free to dress according to its refined personality.

All of us know that today’s generations love to feel cool, follow trends and have the super powers to coordinate all their commitments.

In recent years, the girls have identified themselves in the philosophy of the Parisian brand because it seems to perfectly understand their needs by proposing cool, comfortable, rock and sexy clothes … making our everyday life increasingly easy.

You like this attitude towards everyday life: choose to wear garments that personalize your uniqueness of expression. I find it a beautiful philosophy of life and I can only join the slogan of Zadig & Voltaire: “Girls Can Do Anything”.

Below I propose some of the leaders of the New York fashion show, how the Zadig & Voltaire brand sees the contemporary woman.

What do you think about it?

A kiss



Zadig & Voltaire Fashion Show,  Collection Spring Summer 2018 in New York



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