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in previous articles we talked about different products of Jakeke1830 line, below are the links back to the post … for those who have not had a chance to read them:

 Janeke 1830: Cuddles with strokes of brush!

Janeke 1830: New brush new pampering!

Janeke 1830: Pocket mirror double face …

Janeke 1830 beauty case for the summer!

Janeke 1830: Mirror mirror on the wall …

Janeke 1830: circle satin … distant memories!


Today we want present to you the comb handle, small white “Sanitized – line Enable” is so named because it is made with different combinations of widely tested substances and having a high bacteriostatic and fungistatic effect. For this reason, the Sanitized products make impossible the nourishment to germs and thus prevent the growth of bacteria. Also being wide tooth is also perfect for the more messed up hair and full of knots. Especially helpful to the sea when, because of the salt, sun and other atmospheric agents, the hair becomes brittle and difficult to comb without creating knots. Once again we want to confirm what was said previously, in recent months we have tested several products Janeke1830 line, all super helpful and that facilitate the daily life of each of us, besides being beautiful and delicious.

We remind you that the Janeke1830 products can be purchased in their store online, in boutiques in Milan, but also in their duty free within the airports of Milan Malpensa, Bergamo Orio al Serio, Monaco and Dubai.

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