Here is the classic mechanic’s suit … do you remember it? Elegant jumpsuits have given way to the suit, the one in jeans and more.

I was crazy about it when I saw the mechanics wearing it … it seemed like a nice uniform and in fact it was. Then the mechanics always had a certain charm, with this denim suit, sometimes unfastened with the white vest that you could see below. Of course, we must also say, however, that the mechanics in question also had to be fixed, otherwise the effect was certainly not the one hoped for.

This version has depopulated and we find it worn more and more often also by women. Let’s say that besides being comfortable, it’s also very sexy and trendy at the same time.

jumpsuit elegante

Elegant jumpsuit as and when to wear it!

I imagined it worn with a pair of vertiginous heels maybe super colored to detach and give more color and harmony to denim blue. Today, however, we find not only the coveralls that can be used every day, but the beautiful jumpsuits that we can wear even on more elegant and formal occasions.

Suffice it to say that shops offer all types, there are those in lace, open back, bare shoulders, long sleeves, short sleeves and so on. Often the color black is preferred, it would be easier to combine, but how about instead of a white all-over suit?

Certainly white is a little more difficult to combine, but you will agree with me that in summer it is perfect. Imagine wearing it with a pair of heeled sandals, maybe orange. What do you think about a red suit instead? They can also be worn in weddings.

That’s right, the jumpsuits are depopulated to be the evergreen leader of weddings of recent times. September is upon us and the wedding season continues, so what better item to wear?

jumpsuit elegante
jumpsuit elegante
jumpsuit elegante

How and when to wear the suit!

This garment is not only comfortable to wear, but it adapts well to any occasion, as I said earlier. During the day it can also be worn with sneakers and / or flat sandals, perhaps with a slight turn-up to give it that slightly more casual air.
In the evening instead there is a 12 heel to make it more elegant and not too demanding at the same time.

The designers offer it in different versions and shades … from the most casual to the most elegant. Here are some examples …

And never forget, in my opinion heels are the ultimate accessory, the one that manages to transform the look. What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments below.

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