Good morning beauties, how are you?
This is a beautiful period, the magic of Christmas is breathed in the streets.
The closer the holidays are, however, the more things you have to do.
Gifts at the last minute, dinners and lunches still to be planned, relatives to invite.
At work then I will not say, super messed up with the closures of the year.
When I come home I’m practically exhausted and the evening is the only time I have to devote to the blog, which occupies a good part of time.
In all this, however, who thinks of the house?

KAERCHER – In 5 for you: you could be the lucky one!

Sometimes I think a hand with the housework would really make me comfortable.
Fortunately, however, there is Kärcher, with its promotion until 30 December valid for those who buy one of the Kärcher Home Cleaning products ((VC, WD, WV, SC, AD, SE, K 55, KB 5, FP) giving the chance to win a domestic collaboration to choose between:

Assistant for the elderly
Assistant for the elderly
Baby sitter
Handyman (for minor removals or repairs)

Who would not want a macho in our house that is busy?

Every week (for 13 weeks) 100 hours of domestic help will be extracted while the final draw will win 500 hours!

I do not know about you, but help would be really welcome, so you can finish thinking about all the other things with serenity. Who knows, maybe luck smiles at me!

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