Hi girls,

Today I want to talk about a way of life, ie, to be: the incurably optimistic.

Build a positive karma is the basis of every path of spiritual and personal growth.

What “good karma”? The origin, the first karma, is the “desire to be”. Man is the result of their actions and these actions are not so different from what it is. For this reason, through various studies and research so it is concluded that, the warm colours have the power to affect our mind and as a result our mood.

Karma: painting with yellow sun and pink!

Hair: the grand class tail!


The color has always has an influencing effect on people, the mood, the choices and lifestyle.

Even the world of fashion over the years has embraced the concept in different forms “good karma.” Just think of the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Know that 99% of the meaning of those words is related to the color of that image.

During the fashion week, fashion designers have launched the main colors for this spring summer 2017, to be genuine “incurably optimistic”: the yellow sun and the pink.

But we enter the heart of the concept? Why they chose these two colors?

The Sunny yellow: in the past it was unpopular, especially in the Western world because it is considered a gold matte color. But today is a color that is proposed and repeated with great frequency in the walkways. I do not wear every day, but when we get a yellow dress and there specchiamo our face lights up and the mood unconsciously is skyrocketing. It ‘a color that recalls the summer and goes perfectly with both dark colors and with those clear and soft.

The Pink: is the color that distinguishes us from birth for females. Pink is always the sweetness and innocence of each one of us, but if worn with femininity can be very attractive. In recent years, the color pink has also become a way of life: “be pink”, see everything positive like we’re always on a pink cloud.

You love the warm colors? What do you think of this trend and these two colors that represent the positive karma?

Below I propose some heads painted by these two colors.



Sunny jellow








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