The suit is a beautiful garment, but be careful that it is not just for staying indoors. With the suit we can absolutely look elegant if worn in the right version. Let’s see together how to wear the suit, the one much loved for comfort. Let’s face it, today we have several models available both of tracksuit and joggers to wear even to leave the house, whether it’s our occasion an aperitif or a dinner where you want to be comfortable.

If you read the article a few days ago, Blery showed you how to match the suit and make it more chic today instead Ily shows us wearing the suit and looking elegant at the same time.

Women’s suit YES or NO?

We are used to seeing only women who are at home using the tracksuit, or the girls who wear it in a sporty version, with the classic sneakers. What do you think instead of the women’s suit worn in a completely new guise? Why do we have to focus on the thought of having to wear this comfortable garment just to be at home, who said that a woman cannot be just as beautiful and elegant at the same time wearing a suit?

Of course it must also be said that, to look elegant and perhaps even slimmer you must absolutely choose the version that best suits your body. The suit must not be used to hide, it can very well enhance the strengths and minimize the weak ones.

To make a suit more beautiful and elegant at the same time, wearing it both with flat sandals and with heel 12 sandal you must choose it with an elastic at the ankle. So slightly narrower towards the end of the leg, in this way when wearing a sandal we can decide to raise our suit just enough to look more slender.

Ily chose a suit with crop top, in this way it perfectly matches the high-waisted suit with the top that allows a few centimeters of belly to be glimpsed. Let’s say that the high-waisted suit is perfect even if you want to hide a little bit of abdominal swelling. This type of suit is absolutely IN, one of the 2020 trends, you can also wear it on vacation for long walks, or even for a dinner, why not ?!

tuta elegante

In addition to the suit, we are very fond of tees, the classic white, black or other color t-shirts do not matter. This year there are a lot of tees with the writings, but also the crop tees to show the tan.

How to wear a tee

We find that the tee is the shirt par excellence. We simply love them, we wear them not only in our free time, but also to go to work. We like to wear them with sport trousers, but also elegant to break the look, or simply under the blazer.

The tees can be of different types and colors, those that will be the most popular in 2020 are definitely the printed and written tees. Those with the writing can be customized to the maximum, you have the possibility to choose the writing based on the character or simply the mood of the moment.

tee da donna con scritta

Crop t-shirts are also very fashionable, those that can be worn with jeans and high-waisted trousers, but also with high-waisted miniskirts. Not in the city we don’t have many opportunities to wear this type of tee, but on vacation it does. In fact, we always prefer to choose comfortable, light and fashion clothing at the same time for our holidays. This year the #thesprintsisters will finally go on vacation together, to say that we can’t wait is really an understatement, in the hope that the covid-19 won’t change our plans.

Are you planning the holidays? Where will you go nice? What do you think of the elegant suit and tees?


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