Liujo: the pleasure of being a woman! #StrongTogether

Liujo born in 1995 in Capri, the brothers Marco and Vannis brands make it a reason for living and the company keeps growing. Their mission is to enhance the natural beauty of every woman. A motivation which is the basis of their creativity, glamor and sophistication that for years pamper women all over the world.

Liujo: the pleasure of being a woman! #StrongTogether


Always lovers of this brand, impressed us the new campaign #StrongTogether that enhances female friendship. Great idea to launch the spring / summer collection 2017. Looking at the new collection directly from the online apparel section Women have found so much inspiration and new trends to try.

We more than anyone can understand and appreciate the importance of being accomplices.

Often we hear women tell us: “the friendship between women does not exist” or “women among them are all envious” or more; we firmly believe that the friendship between women exists. We had the good fortune to be the best friend one for the other, but outside of our relationship we have formed other friendships. True friends, those that if you need to take it out three in the morning you know where to call, those who will never abandon. And it is this relationship so beautiful and special that LIUJO wants to transmit and amplify.

The collection PE2017 brings a breath of fresh air, saucy and sexy. Designed and ideal for friends who meet for a chat, a drink, dinner or evening to make the premises. It ranges from sexy to sophisticated, from casual to sophisticated. Designed for all women, all friends, all ages.

You just have to take your best friend by the arm, take the day off and throw yourself headlong into shopping. What are you waiting … we are at Christmas. Every purchase is the right one and then, like Mr says. Trunks: “Christmas can, do what you can not ever do …” here is let’s take an example. 🙂

A big kiss everyone!


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