It’s been weeks now where nothing else is heard except coronavirus. Living in the province of Lodi, Ily was the first of the two of us to face the situation. It frightens and agitates this unknown disease, although they say it is, only a slightly more severe form of flu. It is also true that many people die of flu in a year, but the numbers of the coronavirus are frightening. It is not so much the mortality rate that frightens, but the rate of contagion. Living in Milan feels like a bubble, the city has been paralyzed for a month now.

We know people who work from home, even ily did it for the first week, but Blery, being unable to continue to take the subway every day to go to the office. She usually takes cappuccino in the morning, as soon as she leaves the metro, she goes to the bar run by Chinese people. He did it quietly even the first days after the news of the coronavirus in Milan, until the order came to close the bars after 18.00

The big problem is that living Milan in the time of the coronavirus becomes difficult. The bars, as well as restaurants and hotels are closing of their own free will, it is not possible to remain open with only two people entering the day.

We, SprintSisters, can’t stand still, we don’t like this situation and we don’t believe many of you either. We do not like to tell the truth the initial alarmism that has been created, the one that has emptied an entire city within a week. We wanted to eat sushi on a lunch break in Milan. Corso Buenos Aires and the surroundings are full of Japanese restaurants, to be able to find one open we made 15/20 calls. Doesn’t it seem crazy to you too?

By this we certainly do not want to say that the decree and the ordinances are incorrect, indeed, perhaps similar measures were to be taken immediately. All this, however, is surreal. It is unthinkable to live in a bubble, for some people working from home is impossible and not everything can be stopped. Meters, trains, planes continue to travel, but are we sure it is right to allow circulation? Now that all of Lombardy is a red zone, what happens? Can everyone turn anywhere? Let’s just hope it’s not counterproductive. What do you think about it? How would it be better to live this situation?

Living Milan in the time of the coronavirus

Although the situation is not easy, it needs to be addressed. We try in our small way to make the same life as before, with some limitations. As Milanese it is difficult not to stop every now and then after work for an aperitif, but if they say it is better, we do it. We take public transport every day, we have hand sanitizer gel in our bag, as soon as we get to the office we wash our hands and disinfect the desk, the phone and other tools that we need to work.

We are lucky enough to work close enough, so we always see each other during a lunch break. When the weather permits we eat something outside that we bring from home, when it is windy, cold and raining how can we do it? We limited ourselves to going to the restaurants we used to go to for the lunch break, but every now and then we still give in. We are not always able to be 100% correct, if that’s why we still go to supermarkets to shop. We certainly try to go at off-peak times, but people cannot be avoided entirely.

The coronavirus say they can slow down and perhaps even fight by following simple rules, which even before the virus should be of education and civilization. Milan does not stop and no city must stop, but in this period we must live more consciously for our good and that of our loved ones.

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