Summer is almost upon us, despite the difficult moment we are experiencing, we think about the holidays and the desire we have to wear our long summer clothes. Does it also happen to you to want to wear your long floral dress to look thinner?

Today we want to give you one of our little style tips, especially if you are mignon and want, with the game of clothes, to slim the silhouette. It cannot be denied that the long dress is absolutely one of the most popular items for the summer season. In addition to being beautiful and fluttering to wear, it is also the garment that par excellence slims the figure and makes you thinner.

If you come back to the petit woman, let’s see together what are the characteristics that long summer dresses should have to help you look taller and thinner at the same time:

  1. length to the ground, they help to make the figure look taller, unlike the midì clothes that break
  2. not wide skirt, otherwise too much fabric would lead to the opposite effect
  3. V-neckline, helps to slim the bust. For the summer, thin straps and one shoulder are also great
  4. three-quarter sleeves, if you like clothes with sleeves, then long sleeves that cover the wrist
  5. right choice of the heel, 5-6 cm can be enough to create the optical effect of height of the figure

Now that you have all the technical elements to look leaner, let’s see what the models and fantasy trends are. For 2020, focus absolutely on:

  • long floral pattern dress, polka dot, striped, the important thing is the size of the print. So NO to dresses with a huge print, yes to those with medium-small size flowers, dots etc … The best lines to choose are the vertical ones which slim the figure and consequently make it thinner. Never lose sight of the waist, if necessary to highlight it, use a belt.
  • lace is another beautiful element, the long dress becomes even more regal. Being a mignon woman you don’t have to worry about being vulgar, because it won’t be like that at all. The lace, however, you have to choose according to the occasion, if you have to wear a dress in the evening then stay on dark colors, the opposite if your occasion is during the day. For the long lace dress, for the day, focus on soft colors.

  • tulle, this beautiful and fluttering fabric, not only associated with weddings. You do not have to worry about having to wear the long tulle dress only in the evening, it is also great during the day, maybe a slightly flared long skirt that petit women can wear very well.

  • perfect asymmetrical dress to slim the figure, especially if one-shoulder or one-shoulder, in this way leaves one shoulder uncovered and is very sexy. Otherwise you can also choose the version that leaves one leg uncovered, with a beautiful slit and dizzying shoes for the evening. In the day version it goes very well with wedges, flat sandals or sneakers.

Now you just have to write down your choice and go shopping, in this way you will know what to pack for the summer holidays.


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