Good morning beauties!

Who here loves the skirts raise your hand. All?, and if the skirt was long?

I love the skirts from when I was a kid. I still remember my mom prepared each day a different skirt to go to school and I felt beautiful and pampered. Mom is the best in the world! Growing up I love even more, in the closet I’ve had so many, sometimes in a single summer I can’t wear them all, partly because there are so many of them and partly because I always hard with my favorites.

Long skirt day: here’s how I wore it myself!

Ready for swimsuit season? I am preparing as well!

This vertical striped skirt, very marine style I had worn for another outfit, those who follow us will remember surely that is one of my favorites. The rows, we talked about a few posts ago, is one of the trends this year and will be for many more. If the lines are vertical stretch figure, so don’t listen to anyone who says rows not because widen, just choose the right ones.

I love so much this skirt and lines that I decided to wear it and combined with another trend: the ruffles.

The evening was warm and the temperature allowed to leave without a jacket, so I decided to replace the jacket with this black cardigan. His specialties are the ruffles on the sleeves.

When I go out and I know that I have to walk much prefer always wear comfortable shoes, what could be better than a couple of “Stan Smith” on your feet? I find that they are, in addition to super comfortable, also very fashion. Nothing is better than the match the convenience to the fashion world, kind of like killing two birds with one stone:-)

The great thing about long skirts, if fluttering, cheeky and not too dressy is suitable for all occasions: perfect day, to go to work, for a drink and so on.

What do you think of this outfit? You enjoy wearing skirts in the daytime?



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beautiful outfit!


Thanks dear! Kisses


Love this look on you babe!! You look stunning! Hope you’re having a great week so far <3

XO, Jessi


Thanks so much darling!
Have a nice day!

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