The cold is coming: are you ready? It’s time to get winter clothes out of the wardrobe and for those who (like Blery) haven’t changed the wardrobe season to start right away. Blery probably has the excuse of having to leave shortly for a month-long journey, and for this reason, every time she says she changes seasons with her two wardrobes on that occasion. But let’s see together, for us who will remain in the cold of the Italian winter, what are the casual chic looks that we can create without ever spending a capital. By now you know us and you will have understood that our mission is to create outfits that can cost little and make the wearer happy.

If you want to stand out even with the gray sky, it takes little to transform a sweater and a pair of jeans into women’s clothing for the office or for the cinema.

Casual chic look for the coming winter

  1. The plaid shirt, the knitted sweater, the cigarette pants and the décolleté

Your checkered shirt reinvents itself by peeking out under a short, worked sweater, perhaps with cold tones, like dark blue or bottle green. For a truly casual look, combine a pair of classic ankle pants, dark, with your favorite channels and a neutral shopping bag.

Here we show you some items found by Zara, so with less than € 100 you will have an outfit to wear on different winter occasions.


  1. The three-quarter coat with ripped jeans

This year the three-quarter coat is back, which arrives just below the waist: youthful and carefree, it can also be worn open when it is not so cold and it is wide and square, with a masculine cut and large buttons. Match it with a pair of tight jeans in délavé denim, with tears on the knee, and complete with a nice little hat with the band that recalls denim jeans and a microbag with colorful appliqués.


  1. The maxi pullover with leggings

If you choose the combination of colors and the cuts of your garments in style, even the classic combination of a long sweater and leggings can become a casual-chic look to go to work and not just to stay at home watching your favorite series on the sofa .

The secret is to choose a maxi pull with an oblique cut, which gently descends on one shoulder, which covers the thighs but follows the line of the hips.

This year’s colors are red in all its shades and light gray. Combine the sweater with super-tight leggings, or thick and opaque socks, and a pair of over-the-knee boots without heels. The ideal bag for this look is a maxi colored shoulder strap.


  1. The black nail with multi-colored scarf and maxi skirt

The black leather nail is a must-have item even in winter, especially when worn over a warm wool sweater. Successively completed by a scarf in multicolored wool, of the big ones, warm and soft. The contrast between leather and wool is truly original and goes perfectly with a maxi skirt, perhaps with large printed flowers, and low leather lace-up shoes.

  1. Turtleneck sweater with long skirt

If you love warmth on your neck and shoulders in winter, this casual pair is perfect for you. The classic turtleneck sweater in wool, matched with the long skirt, and a pair of black boots would be perfect. The skirt that sways and widens as you walk under the sweater will make everyone’s head spin.

You can dare with the skirt: acid green for example, or strawberry red, for a touch of light.

look casual chic


  1. Maxi shawl, minidress, ankle boots

Lots of English words for a really effective look. Instead of the usual down jacket, try a maxi shawl with ethnic patterns, which reveals a solid-colored minidresss. Complete your outfit with ankle boots and medium heel. And don’t forget the sunglasses, strictly total black!

abbigliamento femminile

So young girls, how about these looks to create your women’s clothing? Can they go for the winter that awaits us? If you like them, these women clothes can be found all by Zara!

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