Good morning beauty!

Last weekend I was at the sea, say a touch and escape from the heat of Milan and the work stress. In the summer every so often I find that on Friday night I go home after a day’s work and I find the boyfriend who awaits me with luggage ready for a weekend of sea, sun and so much relaxation.

Look chic – total white: here is my proposal!

Usually when I’m at the sea always opt for comfortable outfits, light colors, which take up little space and above all do not need to be stitched out of the suitcase. The dress you will see in the photos I bought on Zara, I just love it, is cool, slightly wide like I like, transparent in the right places to create the effect I see I do not see and then very comfortable.

Comfort first!

As I am one that is easy to climb, here I am talking about how to protect myself against the sea, in the evening I need very light clothes and give little trouble on me.

I usually do not wear a lot of TOTAL WHITE, even because in winter I’m not lover of the lamps, the tiny tan I can get fades quite quickly and so return to being a mozzarella :-).

In the summer, however, I love dressing in white, color of purity, lightness and not thinking of anything. For the evening walk I wore this white-colored dress, a slightly deep V-drain on the front, sleeveless sleeves and decorated with pompons.

Bag, always zara, of light blue color, with close detail (daisy and mini pineapple), and shoulder strap that reminds the Fendi bag very much.

Flat sandals purchased on Asos, decorated with shells and starfish!

Do not take too much notice of the color of my skin in the photos, before I get red like a lobster and then the red turns and shades hahha, the change!





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Very gorgeous in all white and those legs are wonderful!

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Thank you so much!

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