Blery’s wedding is approaching, June 30th is almost upon us and so the mother of the bride is anxious about her look. It may seem trivial, but the mother of the bride plays a fundamental role. Not only will the bride have to be impeccable, but also her mother, who for the occasion will surely be more excited than the bride herself.

Mother is always the mother, she covers an important role in the lives of her children and even more so on such special occasions. On the day of the wedding she will be the hostess, the one who first has to reach the location to wait for the guests. Let’s say that he will try in every way to be in control of the situation, then knowing it, being overwhelmed by emotion.

What look does the mother of the bride have?

In this case we are talking about a wedding by the sea, an outdoor and non-formal ceremony. Not for this reason the look of the mother of the bride must be banal … indeed … it will be even more special. For this reason it is difficult to choose the dress of the mother of the bride, it must be elegant and not deface towards the guests and the consuocera.

The wedding season is now in full swing, everywhere we talk about nothing but what to wear, the same happens for some months now also in our family.

Not only the mother of the bride, but also the mother-in-law and aunts are all upset about the choice of their clothes. Not to mention the friends, but we had dedicated a post to advice right here. 🙂

For a special day, the mother of the bride must be perfect, dress in a theme, be at the center of attention more than ever, for this reason she cannot possibly go unnoticed. Every detail must be well cared for and not left to chance.

Which color to choose for the look?

Let’s say that white and its nuances would be better avoided, but the same is also true for beige, too white. Black is not exactly the most suitable color for weddings, despite its elegance. Red and fuchsia too much access, better to opt for something sober and elegant.

We can say SI in colors like old and soft pink, gray and dove-gray are very elegant. However, we must also take into account the color that gives our skin and is not too fanciful, better to leave flowers and geometries for another occasion.

Which model to choose?

The model of the dress is very important. The dress worn by the mother of the bride must not only reflect the watchword “ELEGANCE” but also make one feel at ease. No to the long dress, unless the ceremony is in the evening, after 8.00 pm so to speak. Yes instead of the classic sheath dress or tailored dress. Silk, velvet, chiffon, crepe and all light fabrics are to be preferred, while linen, cotton and more casual materials are to be excluded in any case.

So dear mom don’t worry, you’ll be just as beautiful as you can do.

To stay up to date and peek, no matter how little Blery can show you in advance, you’ll find us on stories!

look mamma della sposa look mamma della sposa

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