Good morning beauty!

Today we are not talking about fashion or beauty, but about nutrition that, to put it all, is the source of primary beauty for each of us.

 I love being organic and you?

In the last few years, we are increasingly talking about organic matter and the importance given to organic farming products. Making a choice for organic products is not as fashionable but a conscious way to eat healthy, to bring natural resources to the table and respect the environment.

After the Veg (Fior di Natura) line, Eurospin launches the line “I Love Being Biological”, a series of specialties coming from the supermarket directly to your table. Wake up in the morning and consume the grain of this line in the awareness of consuming high quality products; pasta, eggs, bakery products, milk and yogurt means wanting well. Just so, being biologic is a good thing every day, every day, thinking about yourself and the whole family.

For those who have doubts about the Bio world, Eurospin provides a skilled and passionate team that helps us understand and approach this world step by step.

On the site you will find many recipes ideas that you can enjoy preparing meals directly at home with Eurospin products. Chef Maurizio Rossaza Prin, silver medalist at the second edition of Masterchef Italia and face of Gambero Rosso guides us in the preparation of fried pizzas, made with the ingredients of the Amo Essere Biologico line. Enjoying good, simple and genuine dishes respecting the environment becomes part of you every day, a goal to keep in mind in keeping with the smart spending philosophy.

You being organic? Do you already know this line? Then run from Eurospin and let us know what you think and maybe you could find chef Maurizio who prepares a delight all to taste and share with the people you love.






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