Autumn has come now for some time, the temperatures drop and knocks dark before leaving, however, the time to get used to this change. There are things that change and things that arrive on time every year.


Lush: an invasion of monsters super cuddly!


Are you ready to the scariest night of the year? Halloween is coming, it is mostly an English party, but it has made the boom for many years in Italy. We personally do not like a lot of these kinds of parties, or rather say just we hate Halloween if it were not for the pumpkin and what that entails: decorations, Mother’s risotto, sweets and so on.

A ‘Another aspect, not least, that makes us cheer waiting Halloween is the explosion of monsters that we find from Lush. Yeah, like every year Lush thought as cuddle with the products exclusively and beautifully designed. Never fear these monsters know how to pick us up and make us more beautiful, without the need for disguises and masks.

Here’s what you can find in stores and online for the arrival of Halloween:

  • Monster’s Ball: bath bomb, monstrous creature and colorful for a fragrant night thrill
  • Pumpkin: A scary pumpkin that becomes bath bomb and gives us moments of relaxation
  • Boo: cuddle bath, ghostly companion ginger and mimosa, nothing better after a working day
  • Goth Fairy: massage oil in the form of Gothic fairy that in addition to leaving the skin soft and enveloped her in a shimmering cascade of glitter iridescent
  • Autumn Leaf:  scented bath bomb, autumn leaf that dissolves in water giving off an irresistible smell the patchouli and black pepper, indeed we are in the fall and the leaves become our friends everyday.
  • Magic Wand: heart soap sweet tangerine and orange to refresh and uplift the mood enveloped by a magical pomegranate veil

and much more waiting for us … If you want all of these products no problem, we thought lush create for us the Pumpkin gift box that contains surprises sweet and spicy perfect to warm the cold winter nights.

Lush is characterized by ethics and innovation, creates fresh and handmade. We just have to give us sweet cuddles.

Happy Halloween to those who celebrate and good bath for those of us who love bath bombs monsters 🙂



autumn_leaf_bathbomb boo_bath_melt gifts_little_monster goth_fairy_shimmer_bar magic_wand_soap_fullsize monsters_balls_bathbomb   pumpkin_bathbombmonster


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