The Wedding day is that special day in life where a woman is communing with her soul mate. The day is to be memorable as couples are bound together for the rest of their lives and they will marry only once. Each and every detail is to be perfect. How could one ever forget the wedding dress?

In any wedding event, the bride is the center of attraction. To make her stand out from the rest of the crowd, her dress has to be different and to make it memorable not only in the family but elsewhere, it should be trendsetting. But wedding dresses come with a heavy price tag on them.

If you’re confused on how to liven up your plain wedding dress, here are 5 tips to keep in mind-

  1. Color Does Matter

Don’t go for the pure white dress, as it is very widely used and a little boring. Let your wedding not be a black and white movie. Go for the light shades like soft white, ivory, blush colors. This helps in two ways – first, it makes your dress look expensive and second, it will not give that weird glow in the wedding photos. Also, make sure the color suits your skin tone.

2. Designs

Let the wedding dress be more trendy and stylish. There are many accents like a floral dress, bridal bow, and accessories which can make your dress stand out from the rest. A floral dress is perfect for a bohemian wedding whereas a bridal bow gives the dress some glam, making it suitable for formal dinners. You can also play with the sleeves or opt for a strapless dress- let your imagination flow and choose what feels right for your big day.

 3. Choosing Jewelry

A wedding jewelry adorned with embellishments like jewels look cool. Consider wearing jewelry that suits your wedding gown. A big necklace or hairpiece with studded stones can make you look elegant and charming. It will also help in enhancing the look of your simple wedding dress.

4. Accessorize

How about a simple waistband or sash that suits the dress?  Take into consideration your body type and make sure the belt is no wider than about three inches so that it does not overpower the gown. Also consider a stylish cover-up, which can keep you warm as well as add a stylish twist to your dress.

  1. Shoes

No dress is complete without a perfect pair of shoes to complement your wedding dress. Choose a pair that suits your dress and skin color. Do not compromise on comfort as you’ll be wearing them the entire day. Do consider the preferable heel size before making your choice. All that matters is that you should feel confident and comfortable in them.

Bonus Tips

With all the above tips on making your simple wedding dress look cool, here are a few tips to enhance your wedding.

  1. Sign Boards

Of course, you need to let people know you are newly married or about to get married. Hang a custom sign board in your car to show off that you are engaged with your sweetheart forever. You can also try adding a little extravagance to your wedding theme to create a memorable setting.


  1. Tailoring

Your wedding dress is special. So, make it tailor-made for you by selecting the best tailor. Do not grudge to spend some extra money on getting the dress stitched by a competent tailor because, after all, it’s your wedding dress.

So, these were a few tips on how to enhance your wedding dress for the special occasion. Happy Wedding!!

These were some suggestions on how to improve your wedding dress for the special occasion, we hope you can be useful. Happy wedding and do not forget to share your photos with us. How to do? If you have instagram use the hashtag #thesprintsisters or tag us @thesprintsisters, otherwise write us




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