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Today we talk about the importance and care of our hands. The hands are the part of the body that we use the most during the day. The hands are always in just the morning alarm function. The first things we do are: turn off the alarm, makeup on, close the door, go out and face the day.

Hands: groomed, clean and young longer!

Another step is the breakfast at the bar before going to the office. For us who are of commuters, and we have to deal with transportation, we always have with us our MERCI HANDY is essential for cleanliness and hygiene.

Goods Handy is a brand that pays much attention to the care and hygiene of our hands. Before making collation, during lunch or simply if you want to feel the freshness and good smell on the skin, these are the right products for you.

Our hands are loved and respected, they are the part of the body showing the signs of aging, treating them, moisturizing and cleanliness remain young and beautiful longer.

The highest use of these products, in addition to the fact that the hygiene is in first place, is the mini size, 30 ml of gel in a colorful super little bottle, always comfortable to carry in your bag. After application, the hands stay hydrated and scented.

We have had the opportunity to test:

Flower Power, leaves on his hands a flower bouquet

New Wave, it leaves on the skin a pleasant sensation of freshness

Black Vanilla, a sweet fragrance that reaches the heart

Oh My Lemon, gives off a sour smell and fresh

The blue colored beads that you see in every bottle is not plastic, and are not harmful for you and / or the environment, are emollients pearls enriched with vitamin E.

Do not let them too see around you may make someone jealous. All seven products to try out and keep in your bag.

You have already tried them?




Hands: groomed, clean and young longer!-



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These are so cute! I can imagine these would be great for traveling too.
Simera |Beautetude


Yes, exactly!


I love the hand sanitizers that have fun scents. Makes keeping your hands clean a bit more fun LOL. Also, these picks have great packaging. Love the post lady and have a great week.

Dakota D.
Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter: @missdsquared413


Thanks Dakota, you are so kind! Good night


Thanks dear! Have a great week you too! Kisses


Nice review will try them in future thanks for the share..
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Thanks Stephanie! Kisses

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