Marriage Pamela Prati, this was and is the news that has made the most buzz for a few months now. There was no talk of anything else and they still talk about it. But besides these fake news there are also those that run in real life.

Certainly the newspapers do not report the marriages of us mortals, but they are not less beautiful and important for this. If you follow us you will surely have seen that a few days ago the older sister of us was married. Since he started with the preparations (of which he will talk to you very soon, we are still collecting the photographic material), he did nothing but hope that it would not rain. Not only did it not rain, but the scorching heat of the now-blossomed summer was felt.

How do you choose the wedding date?

Some choose to get married on dates that are important to them, the day they met, or engagement anniversaries. Others prefer above all the summer, but we have often heard of people who have chosen the month of August for their wedding.

Marriage in August yes or no?

Enough then with the marriage Pamela Prati, and we return to the reality of the facts.

The month of August is a magical month, we may be biased (Ily celebrates its birthday), but it is also the month of long-awaited holidays. It is beautiful because in August it is hardly raining, but for those who are already on vacation it is inconvenient to attend a wedding. Our advice would be not to marry this month, it could mean fewer guests than expected, but again it depends on your point of view.

Sometimes in a smaller number of guests it is not necessarily a negative aspect. The fewer people you have at a wedding the greater the success of the same, the time management and the fun.

Blery has chosen June, but there is really no rule. We know that in Italy the wedding season runs from May to October, so you are spoiled for choice.

Voi vi sposereste mai in agosto? Se si perché, se no perché.

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Surely on instagram you will have seen images of Blery’s wedding, but we want to anticipate it here too: The first image is her!

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