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Today I wanted to tell you about some new mascara: lengthening, Arch and give volume.

The mascara will star beauty for 2017, for a look that appealing!

We are in 1860, the first mascara was taken by Eugene Rimmel, in fact in many countries “rimmel” became the synonym of mascara.

Mascara: my best my everyone!

This adorable tool, raises his brows, Darken, lengthen by creating contrast with the IRIS and the cornea.

Every woman has different needs in terms of an eye, but we can safely say that in our purse we will always find our favourite mascara. All we wish to lash XL.

I personally, i use it every day, I’d rather give up the black pencil rather than to my volumizing mascara. I have countless models of bristles because I love trying out new products on my eyes.

Over the years, even the mascara has undergone several transformations in order to enhance the lashes of women around the world.

Let us see some proposals of the brand for this hot spring-summer 2017.

The keywords of these tendencies are: modular, multitastking, extra black, ultra, incurvanti.

Adaptable: news just proposal, Lash Power Mascara-to-Full Flutter of Clinique, a mascara that creates many different look in just a few steps with a single product.

Multitasting: new 3D Bionike mascara, bristles from special cut “in bloom” which ensures a three-dimensional result, bends, stretches and volumizes.

Extra black: Deborah Milano proposes a new version of its classic extra black mascara. You will find the iconic 24 Hours Absolute Volume Extra Black, carbon black pigment makes the lashes black as coal as well as an intense look.

Ultra: uniquely volume exaggerated, with the new Faux Cils mascara Volume Effect The Shock; signed Yves Saint Laurent. He has been called so thanks to 4 cuts of bristles, you take the right amount of product for a “seductive eyes “.

Bend: Essence proposes The Fals Lashes unlimited volume Mascara Volume Curl & Dramatic Extrem, thanks to the curved curved brush gives an exceptional volume and curls out our eyelashes. For those who have small eyes do not panic, makes the biggest eye opening and magnetic gaze.


The main tonality (besides black) that is available commercially are: blue, pink, purple, green, coral and red. We recommend that you follow the color of one’s eyes to enhance the look through the contrast of the lashes.

You have already purchased one of these news?

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I love the one from Clinique!
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Are all good mascaras!


Your method looks really easy and I’m going to give it a try. Wish me luck!



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