Goodmorning maidens, how did you spend Easter and Easter? How many chocolate eggs did you eat? What surprise did you find? For those who follow us on the Stories of Instagram will surely have seen that we, of eggs and not only, we have eaten so many. Now we just have to put ourselves on a diet :-). But we must say that it is really nice to stay a few days at home, without thinking about work and the many messes of everyday life. Just for Easter Monday I took the opportunity, having stayed in the city, to take a ride in the Duomo, which I literally adore. The sun that has kept us company these days has allowed me to wear my beloved Prince of Wales jacket.

How to combine a Prince of Wales jacket!

The return of the Prince of Wales fantasy

In the ’80s this fantasy was used a lot mainly in business and above all dedicated to men’s fashion, so much so that the fabrics of this fantasy were used to create suits, trousers and coats. Fortunately, always in the ’80s this fantasy is also associated with the female fashion world, always linked to the business environment, thus giving the opportunity to have gritty looks, which fully represent the generation of strong and determined women, but without giving up fashion touch.

Luckily, a couple of years ago the prince of wales rebuilt the boom, invading our wardrobes, walkways and clothing stores.

Personally I remember, precisely in the 80s that my parents also had coats and / or suits in prince of wales and as a child I was not very fond of all these pictures 🙂 Crescendo probably I changed my mind and when something I do not like ‘is nobody who stops me. So last season I bought this jacket from Zara, love at first sight, gives a serious air, but finding fun solutions on how to combine it becomes absolutely a passepartout.

How to combine Prince of Wales jacket?

I decided to focus on mix and match that is to combine this fantasy with items of other bill such as jeans and red sweater. I really like the contrast of this fantasy with the red color, I find it a perfect match to bring out both items. This jacket can also be worn very well with a white skirt / dress, for a classic look, but never banal.

These are just a couple of proposals that I thought to leave you here, but the combinations with a Prince of Wales jacket and especially with the heads of this fantasy are many.

To complete the outfit I opted for a pair of H & M ankle boots and a Zara bucket bag.

What do you think? Do you like this fantasy?

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