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at this precise moment we are sitting on the top floor of the resurgent, enjoying our cappuccino cathedral view, we are almost Madonna and Milan height offers a fabulous view.

We are here because shopping draws and we can not not take advantage of these days where stores make sales as much as 50 or 70 percent. After our cap and we will go to peek still swipe our credit card in and out of shops overflowing bags.

Wedding in sight: here 5 ideas on how to dress!

My little white dress: chic or shock ?!


A short time ago we had the big news that another wedding is waiting for us; oh yes, our cousin is getting married in September. This time, it is for us a special wedding! The childhood cousin is getting married, one with which we shared Barbie and Ken, we wore the same shoes, same clothes, did the same haircut and sometimes shared the same dreams (never the same boyfriend though). That person who is part of your life at different times, then you grow (and we are virtually merged), you change becoming large, each has their own ideas and needs, but the one for the other, we have always been and so it will be on this occasion so special.

So, I got the news, in addition to having to think of organizing the bachelorette party, (bride if you are reading know that you do not reveal anything before :-)), we have to think about what to wear. Oh yes, as it happens to us, probably it happens to many, after receiving the good news and the invitation, thinking: “and now what shall I wear?”

Never fear, here are 5 ideas on what to wear to a wedding and be with impeccable taste!

  • The tulle will be without doubt one of the garments that we wear more in 2017 so why not wear it even for a wedding. Obviously not in skirts and / or dresses in white tulle, white is reserved for only the bride, but to all other colors. For colors similar events are preferred such as gray, purple, light pink, short, soft colors. The tulle skirts are super romantic, for weddings is the right length midi or long.


  • Long, decorated overalls, preferably soft and not super tight. The suit is usually an alternative way to dress if bought the right and sober model becomes a very elegant item, you can also wear a hat, but how he wants the bon ton of weddings, is the hat only if: the marriage takes place in the morning and if the mother of the bride wearing it.

  • The long dress is perfect if the marriage takes place in the afternoon / evening, very popular floral dresses, from romantic prints and lace. For people like us is chilly a bolero at hand it is always helpful as well as giving an extra touch to our outfits.

  • The heels are a very important element for the completion of each of our outfits. The only advice, in addition to seeing the aesthetic side on holidays, you have to see also the practical side. Marriages like all we know are parties par excellence where you can eat, drink and people go wild dancing until late at night. To allow our feet to stand until the end of the party and not to suffer, better shoes with high heels but roughly, are just as beautiful and above all comfortable.

  • The clutch, this is for us inviting as the bouquet for the bride. It is small, but big enough to make us feel the essence (the smartphone to take pictures, to freshen her lipstick make-up and a scarf if you run away a few tears with emotion).


We still have not decided what to wear, important that the bride decides to make us dress the same and do as Suze (the best friend of Becky Bloomwood) that did wear a somewhat eccentric dress to your bridesmaids. 🙂 Thinking about it well, however, she had its own reason.

Now after this break and cap article we resume our tour of shopping, maybe we find the right dress for the occasion.

Kisses Girls!




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