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we are always used to wearing long dresses especially in summer. The game between wind, fabric and colors, make these dresses perfect for summer evenings.

Maxi dress in autumn: here our proposals!


Maxi Dress in Autumn?

For us absolutely! Suffice it to think that wearing a long dress and maybe above the leather biker is perfect at every opportunity. The long dress is very versatile and can be worn by day (sneakers, cardigan / jacket and purse), for the evening the same suit can be worn with heeled shoes, leather jacket and clutch.

Now that we are used to making purchases you will understand it and so every now and then we put it in front of the pc looking for new items to fit in our wardrobe. We came back to the Rosegal website, we talked about it here too, to see the news about long  maxi dresses.

By the fall of autumn we thought about buying some long sleeve dresses, perfect for the day when the sun warms still warm and comfortable even for the evening. We just had to make some new purchases, because after a while we have the famous feeling of having nothing to put in.

We decided to look for a floral print, the flowers dictate this winter and something red as one of the colors of the year.

Do you like long dresses? Will you also like to wear them with the arrival of the cold season? Here we leave the RGEN discount code, which in addition to the 33% discount, entitles you to a further 10% discount on all the products on the site.




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Lovely choices! The one with the red flowers is my favourite!
Ioanna |


Good choice darling!


adoro maxi dress 🙂


Belli vero?!

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