Whether in wool, cotton, fur, colored, total black or with so many … many fringes, there is no doubt; the maxi scarf is our favorite friend in winter!

The frost knocked on our doors a little early this winter, in fact we all complained so much that there was no snow, rain and cold days, so even Milan does not have discounts when it comes to fog, cold, frost and the long-awaited snow has arrived too.

The girls’ moment has arrived, to bring out the accessories of the season from your wardrobe: scarf, gloves, long boots, woolen cap and ear-muffs.

   Maxi scarf: enveloping friend!

Make-up for the holidays: new makeup, unique style!

How do you protect yourself from the cold? Are you lovers of super-enveloping scarves?

Among the endless types of scarves available on the market, there is one that in a very short time has become a real must: I’m talking about the maxi scarf!

A garment that can really make the difference on an elegant, casual, rock or sporty look that it is, easy to wear with either a coat or with the classic duvet, your look will be really trendy!

I personally love the maxi wool scarves, give me an enveloping feeling of warmth, in short, in winter I could not go out without.

It could be a great idea to also as a Christmas present, here to inspire you properly! 🙂

A hugging hug and Merry Christmas by me and Blery!

                                                                                                               Maxi scafr must have 2017



Neck warmer must have 2017


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adoro! ho uno a quadri, con questo tempo fuori è ideale.


Qualsiasi maxi sciarpa è perfetta.

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