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We have taken up regularly after returning from holiday.

Today we talk about make up, the number one friend of every woman.


Metal make up: on vacation and do not!

Brown eyes make up!


After returning from vacation we are all most beautiful and tanned and here is a make up that blends perfectly with sun-kissed skin: Touch METAL. Here are two very popular colors that look good to all of us: Gold and Bronze!

The make up gold is perfect at this time, tanned skin, the mix of iridescent powders, choose eye shadow in golden tones that you like and apply it on the eyelid. Caution should be applied over the entire eyelid and without adding another shade of color; if you like the bright color and strong advice it is to hang the wet eyeshadow, while for a softer and better dry natural effect, as it is. For less courageous Instead, it recommends a golden hue clear (perfect for blondes), apply effect smokey eyes and define well the hanging of the lashes with a brown pencil.

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The make up bronze instead is a very glamorous color, in fact a dark brown with red – orange pigments inside, ideal for those with light eyes (especially green and blue), but is also good for those who have brown eyes, if used in soft version. For a match it wow purple shades effect, no black and no gray is likely to shrink away.

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The gradient of the summer boom? The newest one to which no one can resist to metal make up perfect? Copper!

Oh yes girls, makeup copper color is really chic and so cool, gives especially to those who have blue eyes or brown iris, but how to apply it? Spread a white base eye shadow over the entire eyelid and roll out over the copper-colored eyeshadow chosen. The combination of white below and above makes the color brighter than the make up. For a wow effect choose a gold pencil and creates a light point in the inside of the eye, magnifying well as the eye.

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For those who dare, in the nuances described above are also enamels and lipsticks, in order not to leave anything to chance.

You like this make up? How about?





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