You know very well that when we talk about trends and news, especially when it comes to fashion, we are always super-updated, both for ourselves and because we can’t resist sharing some must-haves with you! So in this article we talk about Milan fashion week, the Milan fashion week 2019 to put it in English.

What is Fashion Week?

From September 17th to 23rd, as you well know, the famous and long-awaited Milan Fashion Week took place: a week that occurs every year, full of fashion shows, presentations, events and exhibitions.
Given the importance and the turnout to this organization, the Municipality of Milan has even set up a giant screen in Corso Vittorio Emanuele to give the opportunity, even to those who have not received the invitation to the most exclusive catwalk, to attend the fashion shows in catwalk.
For the uninitiated, the fashion week allows designers and fashion houses to present their latest collections and the public to realize what the trends will be, in this case concerning the next spring / summer 2020 season.

In addition to the “young” proposals (of course brand), the most appreciated brands in the world participated in these days such as: Armani, Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Donatella Versace, Fendi, Ferragamo, Blumarine, Alberta Ferretti, Ermanno Scervino, Marni, Bottega Veneta.
Milan Fashion Week has brought not only fashion collections but also beauty trends in the city and on social media. Let’s talk from the latter that if you want you can use immediately.

What does the Milan fashion week say about hair?

Speaking of beauty, we see what is shown on the catwalks with regards to the 2020 HAIR TREND:

  1. The double buns are very fashionable, with a very simple final effect. Blondes will always be very hot.
  2. We will greet the beach waves (waves to the sea effect) to make room for perfect smoothness and a more vintage style.
  3. Yes to hairstyles such as: braids (especially with ribbons or colored beads), chignon, banana bun, French torchon and maxi ponytail “low ponytail” (also possible with special extensions, available on starting from 9.99 euros ). As you can see, to be beautiful does not need to spend capital.
  4. Also short, asymmetrical and modeled with gel hair is approved.

milano fashion week 2019
settimana della moda milanese
milano fashion week 2019


  1. Make-up is dominated by the natural look, eyelashes and eyes in general are no longer valued, but eyebrows, even better if very thick, are Cara Delevingne style, even though we have never liked monocle, but fashion says so.
  2. Eyebrows must be wild, but always well combed: let’s not forget that they are the frame of the face. The eyes fade into the background, but if you want to put makeup on you will have to do it lightly: eyeliner without eyeshadow at the base and instead, for those who love the smokey eyes effect, it will be better to make it in shades of brown and not in black (so as not to weigh too much the look). The shades of light brown and bronze are still preferred.
  3. Lips, as we have seen from the countless fashion shows during Milan fashion week, will be delicate and nude: creamy lipsticks, gloss or just pencil. There is no need to mark the lips with ultra-mattes. But we know well that fashion is contradictory, at the Max Mara fashion show the models had well-defined eyes and dark burgundy red lips. A color that we usually combine with winter and instead next summer it seems to go for the most.
    In any case, yes to the colors from the nuances of pink, brick and in some circumstances even red.
settimana della moda milanese
Milano fashion week 2019

Remaining in the theme “beauty” we received clear information also regarding the nails.
There is a return to the natural here too, so it is preferable to leave a rounded, almond-shaped shape, avoiding pointed or too square shapes.
The length will be medium / short and, the colors recommended by the trend experts for the next manicure, will be all nude tones and why not, even red, as long as they are not long.

tendenze pe 2020
settimana della moda milanese
milano fashion week 2019

We obviously have not forgotten the trends in clothing, but we don’t want to make you so much in one article. While we were in training courses, our collaborator Ilaria Marziali went around on behalf of the #thesprintsisters and found the next trends for you.


With this article I participate in the #unblogalmese competition in September 2019 organized by the Trippando blog


The images in this article were taken from Pinterest.

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