What are the models of jeans that cannot be missing in our wardrobe?

Today in the #piccoliconsiglidistile section we talk about jeans, the pants par excellence so loved by all of us. Jeans are worn on several occasions, we find it in the daily life of our every gesture and movement. We all have in the closet at least a pair of this type of pants, which we wear for winter walks, summer walks, to go to work, school, university or simply for an aperitif and / or dinner. In short, jeans never go out of style and will always be in fashion. It seems like a simple play on words and instead it is an absolute truth. On this aspect you will agree with us that no demonstration is needed, just look around and see how many people wear this type of garment every day.

How to choose the jeans models to wear for 2020?

The comfort of a pair of jeans is really priceless, but which are the models that will be the most popular in 2020? Jeans are really brilliant, especially in moments when the imagination to create the right outfit is scarce. Don’t worry that we will reveal the first secret immediately, did you know that a jolly piece is capable of solving every look? The joker is obviously the jeans that you will already have in the closet, come on we have all of them a couple, but what about giving a fresh look and discovering the models that will accompany you from now until the summer?

Ready to discover with us the most loved jeans of 2020 ???

  • Cropped jeans, you thought they were out of fashion right? We tell you more, they are not only the model worn by the girls, but we who are over 30 can easily wear them. This model stops at the ankle and is slightly flared on the bottom. To be able to combine them with fashion, all you need is a pair of sneakers for a casual version or a boot with a heel if you want to slim the figure. If you are curvy perhaps it would not be the model most suitable for your body, this type of pants highlights the part of the thighs, but if you are really in love with them you can wear them with an oversized pullover.

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  • Baggy the typical jeans with a hip hop and rap look, the peculiarity of this model is the very low crotch and the loose fit. Let’s say that they are all good, but if as in the previous case you have slightly wide hips then this is the model for you. They are perfect for those with wide hips for the simple reason that they are wide on the waist and on the upper part of the legs. This model will enhance you and you will be super fashionable. You could easily combine them with crop tops or tops to be inserted inside. Being a model with a different life, we recommend using adherent tops / shirts / wolves for the upper body to balance the width of the trousers. Let’s say that with this particular model you will be fashionable and comfortable at the same time.




  • Does Skinny mean anything to you? We are sure that you will have at least a pair of such jeans in your wardrobe. They absolutely return after leaving room for the high-waisted jeans model for a period. They are the classic denim trousers, the ones worn most by supertops just like Kate Moss who made them iconic. When can you wear them? First of all if you are slender and have tapered legs, also because the skinny jeans highlight the waist, the thighs and the B side. For even a little comfort you can safely focus on stretch models.
  • The regulars are the type of jeans considered normal, but what will “normal” mean? The regulars are neither too long nor too short, neither too loose nor too tight. They can be defined as slightly high-waisted and rolled up or cut at the ankle. Perfect with ankle boots in winter and with sandals with a dizzying heel in summer. As you can see, nothing prevents you from wearing them even with sneakers. We tell you more, in winter they are perfect with a men’s cut coat, they are found in different types both in stores and online.


  • Last, but not least, there are also jeans that have depopulated the period of the flower daughters in the 70s. You will have already understood that we are talking about flared jeans. This model is narrower above and then becomes softer and wider towards the bottom. If you are tall and slender, focus on low-waisted ones otherwise the slightly high-waisted jeans will be perfect. They are beautiful and can be worn with a square heel ankle boot.


Now that you have understood how to choose the 2020 jeans models and which ones are going to be the most popular, you just have to buy responsibly and renew your wardrobe. Always remember that fashion must enhance you and not the other way around. Choosing the perfect jeans is a bodyshape matter.

It seemed the right time to make this article before the end of the winter sales. There are many opportunities to catch, spring and summer at this moment may seem far away, but they are not at all. The jeans models that we have listed you will see them very often in the coming season. The ones that will surely depopulate more, also because despite not being considered the novelty of the year are the baggies.

We said that jeans can be high, low and regular waist. Let’s say that before buying the perfect model for you, keep in mind what has been said above and always try to enhance your strengths. None of us are perfect, we are beautiful and unique thanks to our imperfections, but this does not mean not to be valued to get better and better.

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Wow! Love all the outfit, such a great post! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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Thanks April! Which are your favorite? Have a nice day!


Jeans é um dos meus tecidos favoritos.
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love this post! xx


Thanks dear!


un post davvero molto bello. Amo la primavera e gli outfit che ci propone. questi che hi elencato sono proprio nel mio stile, specialmente jeans e canotte o t-shirti


Grazie mille, siamo contente che ti piacciano

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