Good morning beauties, how many of you in this moment would want to have between the hands an air ticket destination California? We huge and if you are asking yourselves for in order that we reveal it you suddenly without holding you on the thorns: Coachella Festival we wait!

As each year in two weekends of April, that from 14 to 16 in April and from 21 to 23, reaches the Coachella Festival 2017.

The Coachella festival is the Bible of the festivals!

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The Blery purses! Youtube!

Exactly so, the Coachella is the most expected and worldly festival what there is. We are in to Fill Pole Indian’s Fields, profound California kissed by the spring sun, where each year they are reunited band and asserted super artists of the contemporary music. The atmosphere is magic and in each corner (even if corners us it are not) we can meet VIP of each calibre, (Paris Hilton usually never lacks), blogger all the world and if only it might drink a toast with our idol of the moment.

Eh itself, the Coachella is not only musical, but also to drink and to eat to will.

Thing is drunk and is thing eaten in a festival of the family?

Since we are in California it cannot miss certainly the wine served in the JAR (pots of jam converted into glasses, ingenious and original idea), but it does not miss also the beer, Heineken for the precision.

The food protagonist of the Coachella festival is Pink’ s Hot Dog, perfect with the beer frozen to be cooled after hours and hours below to the sun. For the lovers of the fruit, watermelon to will.

Do not tell us that also you have not wish to spend a weekend of alone sun and amusement?!

For whom instead how we it is forced to miss once more this fabulous rendezvous does he think about it H&M. Really H&M in these days (precisely 30 of March) the collection is on-line and in all the store fashion inspired in the Californian festival, H&M loves Coachella 2017!

For the occasion the stylists of the Swedish brand have thought to shirt and tie-dye commodes, canotte of cotton white and shorts in denim to show off an only occasion, which will remain kept for ever in the box of the memories.

You run to discover the super collection fashion Coachella 2017, we leave you to these playful Coachella clicks in the City 🙂

Kisses girls



-Mood: coachella on the city! We love it!-


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