How did you spend this long weekend of rain and clouds? I was on Saturday to try my wedding gown, and what about… I find it absolutely fabulous. They’re probably part of it, but for me it’s the most beautiful outfit I’ve seen so far. With the anguish in the heart that I can not lose the chiletti too, to dedicate a moment of relaxation I have granted a session (DIY) Mud therapy in my house. Anti-cellulite mud of Bottega Verde, are used to reduce the centimeters so hateful.

Anti-Cellulite Sludge Yes and why!

I know that I am late and that the sludge section is usually started in March, 3 sessions per week for the first two weeks, you can safely apply them Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, allowing commitments of course. For the next two it is also enough 2 sessions per week, Tuesday and Thursday, or Wednesday and Saturday. For maintenance you only need one time per week, your choice of day.


I usually use the seaweed mud Guam, it will be that I was good or because it speaks so much, but if you have constancy, as I said above, the results are seen. This time instead I wanted to experience “Dead Sea wellness Source-Express mud anti-cellulite aromatic” I must say I was pleasantly impressed. So let’s see how to apply and the shutter speeds.


1)  Laying time 15-20 min lower than other sludge I have tried and rinse only with lukewarm water without using soap and/or bubble bath.

       2) It is suitable for all skin types, it gives the sensation of a slight pinch and leaves the skin absolutely smooth and compact.

                                              3) Quick and easy application, I usually lie down with the scoop or with the hands and wrap the treated area with the transparent film, that knows how to cook.


The special formula is enriched with a special mix of essential oils (rosemary, lemon, cinnamon, Santoreggia and camphor) with an energizing effect.

fanghi anticellulite 20160306_161751-1[1]

Do you rely only on beauty centres or do you use the sludge that you find on the market? If you what types and why? Tell me your experience, in case you have tried, the mud of Bottega Verde. I just have to tell you… We try costume, we are all beautiful even with our imperfections.

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